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Why Moms Need to be In Pictures

Mother and her four children at sunset family photography in Downingtown
Mothers, you are everything to lives of your little ones. You are the person your children turn too. But why is that when it becomes to being captured in photo, moms are hardly seen? I can think of so many reasons why you NEED to be seen. As your Philadelphia family photographer, here are my top reasons why moms need to be in pictures.

Top 4 Reasons why Moms Need to be in Pictures

lifestyle photography in Philadelphia with mom and little sister

Reason #1 Why Moms Need to be in Pictures:

Document life. This could be the single reason. Document motherhood, with more than a selfie. Capture the real, candid moments of love and fun between you and your little one. Your portraits will create a memory to treasure not just for you, but for your grandkids and their kids. It’s a story we choose to leave behind for the next generation.

Philadelphia, Pa family photography at Maple Acres Farm

Reason #2 Not this time, maybe next time.

One reason I hear from moms all the time, I will wait till I loose the weight, or can you remove my wrinkles? Don’t wait!! Mamas!!!!! You are beautiful just the way you are! Your children love YOU and if you ask them, you are the most beautiful woman in their eyes. When your kids look at the photos, they love them, because MOM is in them. Stop picking yourself apart! Stop waiting to do photos, time flies! And before you know it, your kids are grown. Find a photographer you can trust, and share your concerns – a well trained photographer will pose you and give you directions to capture you in the most flattering way. Most important thing to remember is to communicate with your photographer. This helps us provide you a better service.

Philadelphia new mom lifestyle photography

Reason #3 Moms are always behind the lens

Mamas are the memory keepers of the family. Look around at any event…. moms always have the phone out or a camera out. Moms are the ones who take the photos. So You are usually behind the camera not in front of it. Let me be your memory keeper…. and let’s face it, husbands never take the best pictures of us do they?  I recently read an article on Motherly Magazine, that stated men do not take the best pictures of their wives with the kids.  Moms you deserve to be part of the preserved memory which is why capturing mom with her kids is so important. As a Philadelphia Maternity and Newborn photographer, I always tell my families as they leave, “Dads! Take your camera out more and capture mom!” Let me capture you in all those tickles, and laughter and even the tantrums- because it’s real.

Reason #4 Why Moms Need to be in Pictures:

TRUST ME – I have NEVER had a mom say, I regret taking those pictures. But what I do hear is I regret not being in those pictures or taking pictures sooner. Book your photographer, book them soon, book them regularly.

As a photographer and a mom myself, and one who has no pictures of herself growing up. I can tell you these portraits, are so important. Moms, please start giving yourself the time to be seen in your kids and family pictures. As your Philadelphia Maternity, Newborn, and Family Photographer I want to be able to preserve these memories for you without adding anything extra to your to-do list. Let me take help take care of the process, you can use my styling website to help design what the family will wear and even shop directly from it. Most important- I want to see MOMS in the picture!!!


Want to connect and we can discuss your session? Let’s connect, visit my website to learn more about my style and approach to family photography, at Diana Smyth Photography.  Want to learn more, here are 5 tips for family photos.

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