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Why Book a Maternity Photoshoot

Philadelphia Studio Maternity photoshoot

Are you expecting and wondering if you should book a maternity photoshoot?  Maternity photography is increasing in popularity, I love celebrating the beginning of motherhood, and this is such a beautiful celebration of you!. It is truly a gift to see my mamas transform during their session. Motherhood starts here, you are a creator, strong and beautiful. Have you been thinking of a maternity session? Do you think about it but not sure what to expect? Do you have a list of questions? Here I have compiled my mamas top questions, and if I did not answer a questions for you, please feel free to reach out to me. I have been a Philadelphia Maternity photographer for years. I have trained with maternity photographers from around the country and world. I am here to help you with your maternity photography.

What is a Maternity Photoshoot?

A maternity portrait session is held during your third trimester. The goal is to capture that beautiful baby bump, mamas usually have the best bump around 28-34 weeks. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your journey into motherhood and the beginning of your family or the extension of your family. Some of my families choose to just have mom, some have their husbands/partners join in for some.

maternity photo of expecting mother on a couch wearing a black lace dress

Why Book a Maternity Photo Session?

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and powerful journey into motherhood.  The ability to create life is simply amazing; at the same time, your body is experiencing several physical and health changes.  All at the same time, a woman is going through an emotional rollercoaster with hormones, self pressures, and so much more around her.  As a child, I recall my aunt hiding her belly during her pregnancy.  Showing your belly or even skin would be frowned upon.  I feel like time changed after Demi Moore posed for the cover of Vanity Fair in 2018… do you remember that?  She stunned so many, and I remember thinking how brave and amazing she was.  I admired that she had the confidence to celebrate motherhood, mostly to celebrate herself.

So why book your maternity photoshoot? Thankfully, times have progressed and women today wear their confidence for everyone to see.  There is no shame in pregnancy or a pregnant body.  Having maternity photos document your journey into motherhood.  They are a beautiful way to evoke the emotions of motherhood.  I feel that we as women do not always see ourselves this way, my job is to show you how amazing you are! I most want you to look back at these photos in 40 years, and see how stunning and amazing you were creating life.


Documenting Your Maternity Journey.

Regardless of what pregnancy this is for you; first time mom or baby number 5, all mothers should document and celebrate their journey into motherhood.  Just like each child is different, for mothers every pregnancy is different.  I have this conversation with my moms all the time; from celebrating the first baby to how special that last pregnancy is for them.

Many moms choose to involve their kids while others choose to spend this time to pampers themselves.  There is no right or wrong way, just the choice that works best for you.  Most important is to remember to take the moment and celebrate your journey into motherhood. If you are considering a way to document your motherhood journey, consider a maternity photoshoot.

Baltimore maternity photographerblack and white maternity photography in the philadephia studio. mom is wearing a crop top and looking to the side. pregnant mother to be in a Philadelphia Studio looking down at her belly. the backdrop is dark with just a silver of light highlighting her belly.


Pamper and Date Night

When you book a maternity session, you take the time to pamper yourself for the day.  Women usually have a hair and make up artist appointment before their session.  Nothing feels better than freshly done hair and make up right?  After your session grab your partner and head out for a nice night, grab some dinner and connect with each other.

silhouette image of a mother pregnant with her husband. They are leaning towards each other forehead to forehead. silhouette image of a mother expecting a baby. She is turned with her back to her husband while holding hands. He is gently kissing her head. She has long hair and looking down at her belly.  

Connecting with Your Partner.

While we are talking about date night, enjoy a day that focuses on you and your partner. Having a fun morning with your partner is fun and can bond you both before your party of two changes.   For families that have more than one child, consider this a quiet time with no children.  A moment to breathe together and celebrate each other before the newest little one arrives.  Have I ever told you, one of my favorite things I hear at every maternity session.. dads in the background, gushing over their partners.  The admiration and love is just beautiful to watch.


Are you still thinking why you should book a maternity photoshoot?  I always tell my clients you will never regret taking the photos.  But you might regret not taking them.  I love this so much!  Are you looking to book your maternity session? Have more questions?  Let’s connect phone or mail or visit my website.  You can contact me here:

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