When to Schedule Newborn Photos

Newborn photos in the studio of baby chin on hands. Baby is holding a stuffy.

I love capturing babies at all ages, but mostly I love all the snuggly little new babies.  Newborn photos are an investment in your growing ‘s memories.  If you love those studio posed baby portraits, then scheduling plays an important part of your session.  So, when is the best time to schedule newborn photos?

newborn photography of a baby boy in blue. Baby is posed in a swing holding balloons. Your Newborn Photos

The goal of a newborn portrait session is to capture your baby’s little features, and your first days with your new family.  Your new baby will never be this small again; this is what you want to remember forever.

Babies are sleepiest during the first two weeks.  Because of this, the early weeks are best for photos.

How Far in Advance Should I Schedule Newborn Photos?

Because baby’s arrival is unpredictable, most photographers only take a limited number of due dates per month to accommodate early and late arrivals.  It is suggest to that the best time to book your newborn photos is while you are still pregnant.  Most moms book their newborn photographer at least 3 months in advance.  Not only does this secure the photographer of your choice, but it takes one thing off your mom to do list! The last thing you want to do after baby has arrived is start googling for a photographer.

Philadelphia Studio newborn photo of a baby girl in pink. She is lying bum up in pink. Philadephia studio newborn photo of big sister with baby sister. Baby is in a little bed and big sister is giving her a kiss on her head. Philadelphia Studio newborn photo of dad holding his new baby girl. Baby is swaddled and in dads arms while dad looks down at her.

What age Should My baby be for Newborn Photos?

When scheduling your newborn photos, the best time is between 1 and 4 weeks old.  Younger babies are best for studio photos. Babies at this age, love to be swaddled. They also do not typically fuss too much when you move them in their sleep.  These natural behaviours at this stage make for beautiful newborn photos. During these weeks there are certain days I like to skip, these include any growth spurt days.  Usually, babies cluster feed during these days – making baby uncomfortable and can extend a session. I prefer to skip those days and see my babies in between these cluster feeding days.

Newborn photo of baby boy in a bucket. He is sleeping and posed chin on hands.newborn photo of baby girl. She is swaddled up in pink and inside a whicker basket filled with flowers. Newborn photo of a baby girl curled up in her moms hands. Studio photography in philadelphia

Can I wait till my Baby is One or Two Months Old?

Older babies start to look less like a newborn baby.  At this age, babies have gained a good amount of weight. Most are not comfortable in a curled up position. They are also not happy swaddled. Babies after a month old are more awake and alert and do not like being touched or moved while in their sleep.   Babies at three months old can not hold their heads up, usually parents wait till 6 months old to capture the next stage to capture their photos.

My Baby is Here, is it too Late for Newborn Photos?

Congratulations!!!  Your baby has arrived and you had a change of heart and want to schedule newborn photos, many moms feel the same.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and see if your photographer has availability.  Sometimes, we are able to fit last minute sessions if other babies have not arrived yet.

When Do I Schedule Newborn Photos?

As much as I wish I can freeze time, those first few weeks of your baby being so little go by faster than you think.  Consider booking your newborn photos  before your baby arrives.  The session itself should be scheduled when baby is between 1 and 4 weeks old to capture your sleepy baby.

Additional information about newborn photography at my Philadelphia Studio can be found at:

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