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What to Wear for Your Philadelphia Fall Family Pictures

What to Wear for Your Philadelphia Fall Family Pictures

Here comes the season all over Philadephia and its surrounding areas for Fall Family Photos. I love Mom’s excitement for gathering and capturing some memories in the fall. One of the fun things about planning your fall pictures is getting your family styled. It’s not fun for many clients. I am here to help 
you pick out and decide What to Wear for Your Philadelphia Fall Family Pictures.

styling board for fall family photos

What to Wear for Your Philadelphia Fall Family Pictures


Family of five sitting on the grass all snuggled up. Dad is talking and everyone is looking at him. The leaves behind them are different shades of yellow and red.What is Your Perfect Photo Outfit?

Let’s pick the perfect outfit for you, mama!! Choosing flattering silhouettes and colors that complement you is the best way to ensure you will feel comfortable and love how you look in your photos. Think about dresses and a skirt. These look so flattering on every female body, especially on camera – this is why the red carpet is always full of dresses. Long dresses that flow nicely or skirts look amazing on camera because they bring extra movement to the photos.

If you have little ones, I always suggest going with long dresses rather than short ones. You will be sitting on the ground with your little ones, and they look so good on camera. I also recommend avoiding shorts for your session; this also applies to Dads.

Family of five standing in a path with fall trees behind them. All snuggled together.What to Wear for your Philadelphia Fall Family PicturesColor Choices

Now, let’s discuss color choices. Think about softer, more muted tones and shades. Soft colors will draw attention to your face.  Think about pinks and muted blues, along with some grays, creams, and whites. I love the use of browns. The soft tones are more flattering with the natural background.  When booking a sunset session, think of the sun as a family member joining you for your session wearing a big orange outfit. Now, let’s style your family around that orange.

What is Your style?

Layers work great for family photos, especially in the fall. They help create a new look and add texture to your images. Other things to consider: long sleeves help slim your arms. Skinny straps or strapless dresses have the opposite effect, so I always suggest avoiding these.

Some fun suggestions for layers:

  • moms: cardigans, jean jackets, a hat
  • girls: a cardigan, jean jacket, colorful tights, headbands
  • Dad: a jean jacket, crewneck sweater, open cardigan
  • boys: crew neck sweater, a solid color jacket or beanie hat

What about the Husband? 

I know husbands are usually not excited about family sessions. While they may not like doing family photos, they have a bit easier styling than us. Here are some tips for styling your husband.  Most importantly, NO Shorts! Not even on the beach. Keep the pants long and fitted but not too tight so that Dad can not bend his legs or sit on the ground. Ask Dad to sit on the ground at home and bend his legs. If he looks stiff, don’t wear them.  Closed-toe shoes are the best choice. Please skip the sneakers and sandals.  PLEASE NO SNEAKERS! Are you thinking about making Dad look a little more? Consider adding a suit coat or a blazer with a different tone. This helps increase interest and breaks up the tones in the photos. Layers for men always look great and create dimension.  

What to Wear for your Philadelphia Fall Family Pictures

Ready? Let’s Pull it all together. 

Stay away from matching exactly. Let’s start by breaking up the colors and shades so you all wear different colors on your tops and bottoms. Each family member should have a different dominant color and then vary the accent color. If you have multiple kids, do not have them all in the same look: jeans and a shirt. Give your fall family photos more style and personality. Let’s explore an example: 

  • The husband is wearing a blue sweater (blue is your dominant color)
  • You could wear a blush dress (your dominant color) and add some blue earrings or a cardigan sweater or scarf. 
  • Your daughter can wear a soft blue top and a white skirt.

What to Wear for Your Philadelphia Fall Family Pictures

Remember, when you book your family session with me, you will be granted access to my styling website. This website will allow you to build looks for everyone in your family. If you don’t have the time to run out and shop, don’t stress; you can even shop directly from the website. Another favorite thing about the website is you can send me your thoughts and ideas, or I can create looks for you and send them to you. It is the simplest way to go, especially for my busy moms. Let me help you take the stress of What to Wear for Your Philadelphia Fall Family Pictures and make it seamless and effortless for you.  Haven’t booked your Fall Family Session in Philadelphia yet?  Contact me, let’s connect and get your started.  

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