What to Wear for your Fall Family Pictures

Fall Family Photo Outfits that you will actually love!

Here comes the season all over Philadephia and it’s surrounding areas for Fall Family Photos. I love mom’s excitement for gathering in the fall and capturing some memories. One of the fun things about planning your fall pictures is getting your outfits all picked out, am I right? No! Actually, this is the number one stressed for my families. They never know what to wear. I am here to help you pick out and decide what to wear for your Fall Family Pictures.

Remember when you book your family session with me, you will be granted access to your own styling website. This website will allow you to build looks for everyone in your family. Don’t have the time to run out and shop, don’t stress, you can even shop directly from the website. Another favorite thing about the website is you can send me your thoughts and ideas, or I can simply create looks for you and send them to you. It really is the simplest way to go. Especially for my busy moms.

First and most important about planning your Fall Family Session is to make sure you have booked your session! Do not wait till the last min. Book it early, so you get the best dates that work for you and your family’s schedule.

Now, lets talk what to wear! Most of my moms, always start with dressing the kids first. I get it, its the simplest. But, I want you mamas to think of you first!! I want YOU to look and feel incredible.

What is Your Perfect Photo Outfit?

Lets pick the perfect outfit for you mama!! Choosing flattering silhouettes and colors that compliment you are the best way to ensure you will feel comfortable and love the way you look in your photos. Think about dresses and / or a skirt. These look so flattering on every female body, especially on camera – this is why the red carpet is always full of dresses. Long, dresses that flow nicely or skirts look amazing on camera because they bring extra movement to the photos. If you have little ones, I always suggest going with long dresses, rather than short, as you will be sitting on the ground with your little ones and they look so good on camera.

I always recommend staying away from shorts for your session, this goes for Dads also.

Now…let’s talk about color choices. Think about softer and more muted tones and shades. Avoid wearing ultra bright, bold colors. The softer colors will draw the attention to your faces. The camera loves those soft colors like pinks and muted blues toss in some light neutrals like heather gray, or creams or browns and whites. The softer the color the more you fit into the natural background of your location.

Let’s chat about style of clothing….

Jackets? Sweaters? I always love when you bring an additional layer. This really helps to create a whole new look in your gallery. You can create a slimming look on your arms with a longer length sleeve. Skinny straps or strapless dresses have the opposite effect on arms in the camera so we recommend avoiding those when ever possible.

Some fun layers for:
moms: cardigans, jean jackets, a hat
girls: a cardigan, jean jacket colorful tights, headbands
dads: a jean jacket, crewneck sweater, open cardigan
boys: crew neck sweater, a solid color jacket or beanie hat

If you listen to anything I have stated here is: DON’T BE TOO MATCHY! This is a common mistake for fall family photos. Everyone does not have to wear the same color or pattern for them to look great tougher. Mix it up.

Sunset Fall Sessions…. Think of the sunset sky and sun as your family member. Someone in your photos is already wearing a big orange sweater. Now let’s coordinate around them.

I have put together a board that you can use to reference with some of my favorite looks for your fall family photos.

Check it out here:
Classic Fall Looks for your Fall Family Photos

If you want to a classic look to your fall family photos, I suggest staying with colors like light pinks, blush, blue tans and creams. These colors will go great with denims, browns, khakis and grays (usually hubby’s favorite colors)

Want to add a little spice to your look? Add some mustards, tans, or darker reds. Want a little color but do not want to wear the whole color, add it with an accessory: like a scarf, or sweater even earrings.

How to Dress the Husband for Fall Family Photos

Here we go…. you say Fall Family Photos and hubby runs for the door right? While they may not like doing family photos, they do have styling a bit easier than us. Here are some tips for the men in your life.

NO SHORTS! They never photograph well in camera.
Keep the pants long and fitted but not too tight
Closed toe shoes photograph and look best on men. PLEASE NO SNEAKERS!

For your family photos leave out the shorts, sandals at home. Do not do pants that are too tight that Dad can not sit on the ground with them, but not too baggy.

Dad’s Colors: Solid shades of navy or gray are great compliments to most of what you will wear. Stay away from bold patterns that will distract the eye. I always will say: NO LOGOS OR GRAPHICS.

Want to add a little more to his look? Consider adding a suit coat, or a blazer with a different tone. It will increase the interest and break up the tones in the photos. Layers on men look so good and create dimension. You can add a sweater on top of his button down.

Now Let’s Get the Gang Coordinating!

Let’s get the whole family looking great for the camera! Do not match exactly!!! I want you to avoid catching and think of what fits together. This will give you a more visual interest and allow each personality to come through in your Fall Family Photos.

First, we want to visually break up the colors and shades so you are not all wearing the same color on top and bottom. Mix it up!!! When planning your looks, think of dominant colors and accent colors. The dominant color is the color that you see the most in the outfit and your accent color is smaller. Each family member should have a different dominant color and then vary the accent colors.

If you have multiple kids, do not have them all in the same look: jeans and shirt. Mix it up. Give your fall photos some style and personality.

Consider this: if your hubby is wearing a blue sweater- blue is his dominant color. Your could wear a blush dress that is your dominant color. Mix in some blue earrings. Your daughter could wear a soft blue top and white skirt.

Remember choose the lighter tones and avoiding those ultra bold colors.

NEVER BE AFRAID OR SHY to reach out to me and ask me for help. Lets use the styling boards and website to create a look that you will love. My goal is for you to love your images.

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