The Fourth Trimester – A Checklist for Moms

The Fourth Trimester – A Checklist for Moms

Your baby has arrived, the hospital released you, and just like that, you have entered the fourth trimester, 12 weeks after giving birth. After coming home with a new baby, moms may feel overwhelmed with adjusting to everything from a sleepless baby to breastfeeding frustrations. With so much going on, many moms must remember to care for themselves. As a Philadelphia mom, I found it helpful when  The Fourth Trimester—a checklist for moms was shared with me. 

father and mother sitting in the bed after giving birth. They are holding their new baby.entering the fourth trimester

The Fourth Trimester – A Checklist for Moms

Doctor Visits

Don’t forget how important your postpartum care is. And no, I do not mean taking the baby to the doctor. It’s so important to follow up with your doctor for all moms. While one size does not fit all, your follow-up visits will be determined by your doctor. Things to discuss with your doctor may include a wide range of topics, from C-section care to vaginal tear care to mental health conditions. Remember, mamas, you matter, and your health is essential. 

mom holding her new baby girl her eyes are closed and she is forehead to forehead with her partner.The Sleepless Stage

I remember people would say, “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” This was always easier to hear than to put into practice. I always had the urge to jump on the chores during this time. But those few weeks after your new baby arrives, moms feel exhausted. Doctors urge moms to sleep when they can, dont forget to ask for help! Ask a friend or family member to sit with the baby or run errands. Lack of sleep affects your mental health and overall health and well-being. If you need more sleep, you may also want to consider talking to your doctor. Read the Sleepless Baby

A Philadelphia lifestyle newborn session. Mom standing in the room holding her new baby.Your Mental Health Is Important

After delivering your baby, your hormones play a massive role in your mental stage. Add to this lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and the stress of managing everything; it’s a lot. It’s normal for many women to feel sadness after having their baby. For a time, they used to call this stage The Baby Blues. For many of us moms, it’s hard for us to identify our own mental state. So, if you have been feeling sadness for an extended period of time or feel hopeless and anxious, please get help from your medical doctor.  

beautiful mom laying on the ground covered in tulle. fourth trimesterDiet and Exercise for Mom

What we eat has a huge impact on how we feel. During this time, ensure you are keeping up with healthy food choices. It may be more challenging with everything already on your list, but healthy food and drinking lots of water are so good for your body.  

Exercise can help with healing and overall health. It can be as simple as going for a short walk. If you are a Philadelphia mom,  take the baby for a stroll on the river trail.  It’s a nice long walk with plenty of sunshine and I always loved the ramps for that extra work on your legs. Also consider, joining a mom group to get outside, socialize, and walk at the same time. This is wonderful for your overall health—including those “baby blues.” I joined my local Philadephia Fit4Mom. This was extremely helpful for connecting socially, physically, and emotionally with other moms. 

The Fourth Trimester – A Checklist for Moms

With so much going on once your baby arrives, remember self-care. Caring for those around you is more difficult if you are not feeling your best. Keeping up with those doctor appointments is crucial. I wish for women’s health care where there is one facility with every type of medical care we need in one place, and in the center of it all, there is child care for us. This fourth trimester – a checklist for moms was helpful for you as you head into your motherhood journey.  

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