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What to Expect During Your Studio Maternity Photography Session

What to Expect During Your Studio Maternity Photography Session


Your baby’s arrival is almost here, and my Philadelphia studio is here to help you celebrate this particular time in both of your lives. As an award-winning photographer, I strive to bring out the beauty and strength in motherhood. I want you to see how stunning you are creating life; I want to celebrate you, mama!  Here is what you should expect during your studio maternity photography session.

Maternity photography with fabric flowing on the mother

What to Expect During Your Studio Maternity Photography Session

Consultation call:

Let’s take about 30 minutes to look through my client’s closet and design what you wear and what your expectations are for your session. My moms have different looks, styles, passions, and life experiences; your portrait session should tell who you are. 

Let’s select your wardrobe from my collection of studio gowns. My Philadelphia studio has a vast collection of maternity gowns handmade by designers worldwide. I also have beautiful fabrics in various colors that we can design with or toss—there is so much to choose from in different attractive colors. Allow me to guide you along the way and pick what would compliment you the best.

In addition, I will also guide you on how to pack your bag for the day, such as undergarments, accessories, and what your partner should wear.  

During your consult call, let’s also discuss your hair and makeup. I always advise on hair and makeup. The makeup artists I work with are accustomed to my lighting style and have expertise in creating your desired makeup look to work with my lighting style.  

I have partnered with several hair and makeup artists to bring you a professional and polished experience in the studio. 

tasteful nude maternity photograph of pregnant mother. She is covering herself lightly, with light shining on her belly.During Your Session

It’s time to enjoy the day! Your in-studio maternity photography session will be in my Philadelphia studio. I will make sure everything is ready for you. Once you arrive, get ready to be pampered by our hair and makeup artist while I arrange your fabulous selections of styles.  

If you are having makeup done in the studio, you will arrive earlier to meet with our beauty consultant. You can then enjoy some pampering.

We will work through a combination of set-ups, from simple to more complex, changing lights along the way. If we are capturing nude photography, we always finish with those. Your comfort is always my priority, so if there is anything you do not like about you or you want to change, don’t be shy—tell me!

You can certainly include your husband and kids during your in-studio maternity session. I will be happy to work out the details. I have some fun ways to get toddlers to cooperate and ring our time.

mother to be in a philadelphia studio black and white portrait. When will I see my Maternity Photos?

I love this step of the process! I will deliver your proof gallery in just a few days. We will also set up a call for us to review your images together. This is the service you still need. Allow me to guide you with your selection. Looking at a ton of images can be overwhelming; I’m here to guide you. Let me help you narrow down to images you can simply not live without. I will guide you in looking for characteristics of images that you have yet to consider looking for.   

After you have selected your final choices, I will edit your images and deliver them to you. If you ordered wall art, I will hand deliver those to your home. 

What to Expect During Your Studio Maternity Photography Session

I want you to know what to expect during your maternity photography session with me. You’re making an investment for beautiful portraits that you will look back on in 50 years and admire yourself. Allow me to guide you along the way, I will help style you, provide you with what to wear, pose you the most flattering way, and complete your beautiful portraits with creating artwork and keepsakes for you. Are you ready? Let’s connect and get you started.


Some last thoughts

Diana, a studio session is not my thing. I want to be outside! That’s great! We can discuss it as well. Contact me, and let’s discuss your ideas. I have plenty of locations throughout the city of Philadelphia where I love to have my moms photographed. 

Contact me here

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