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You’re thinking about your baby’s photography session to celebrate that big six month milestone. Many of my clients that come to my Philadelphia Studio ask me this very question. I thought to share with you a guide to help you understand and pick your baby’s clothes for his six month portraits.

Comfort First!

Philadelphia baby photographer six months photoshoot
The main focus is to capture your baby! That’s it, just your baby being a baby. During the six month milestone your little one is chatting it up, smiling and cooing. Usually by this age those legs are super chunky and many times so are the arms. This!!! This is what I want to capture.

While we all love baby jeans, or flannels or onesies that button down, they are just not comfortable for baby to wear. Usually pants make them have stiff legs that make it difficult to move. Instead, let’s dress baby in something that will be soft and comfortable for movement.

Keep this in mind when you are picking what baby should wear for his / her six month baby photo outfits.

Philadelphia, Pa six month photos
Skip the “formal” or “complicated” looks. Baby should not wear anything that we need to adjust every time baby moves around. We want to sit back and allow your baby to be free to move around. Too much poking and adjustments frustrates little ones – which leads to grumpy baby and not so good session.

You don’t need stockings on girls, or shoes. If you know me by now you know that I love those baby piggies. Instead of looking at the bottom of shoes let’s capture your baby’s piggies. And besides piggies scream baby stage more than shoes – right?!

Timeless Styles

Trends and styles come and go! I recommend picking a style that is classic and timeless. Your portraits should last and grow with your home. If you change your home’s style and colors, your portraits should be able to remain on your walls.

Stay away from animals or car prints. Any print that is bold or has words. We don’t want anything distracting the eye in your portraits – your baby should be the focus of the portrait.

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My Client Closet.

My Philadelphia Studio has a collection of sweet outfits for your six month old’s portraits. Styles include: rompers, overalls, onesies, even bubbles. These are all timeless and comfortable options for your baby. They all allow your baby to freely move around. None of these style require a tuck or adjustment constantly.

Everything in my closet is designed for photographers – so they are all comfy and nothing ever goes over the head in our studio. We know babies never like this! I carry a collection for both boys and girls. My clients love this as well, one last thing you have to worry about. Just show up and lets play!

Six Month Baby Photo Outfits

I hope you found these tips/guide helpful for you to choose what your xis month old baby will wear for their photo session.

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