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Philadelphia baby photographer near me

How much is a session?

Interested in a portrait session? Email me directly, I can forward you our session information guide. Email me at

Can I book a "mini session?"

A Mini session is a short 15 minute session in one location where I book back to back clients. The cost of permits, time and staff is shared among all the client's session fees, making the cost of your session lower. A private mini session can not be possible, because I can not travel, pay for permit and offer a 15 min. session.

Is a Mini Session right for me?

A mini session is about 15 min. long. I can tell you, toddlers do not do great in a mini session. Because toddlers need warm up time. You do not have warm up time in a mini session, you must arrive ready to go. What usually happens is mom is frustrated, everyone is rushing and you get a gallery that you are not happy with. Consider booking a full family session. Have the time to capture candid moments, play games with the kids. Get those snuggles in, Your toddlers and kids will have more fun in a full session than a mini.

How do I reserve a session?

You can email me at Our hours are 930am - 3pm Tuesday-Saturday. You can also fill out a contact form and have us call you. A non refundable booking fee is required to book a session.

What do the packages come with?

Please email me for your pricing guide. Every session includes a certain amount of digital images. Additional images, prints, and albums may be purchased separately.

Do you offer discounts?

We have specials all year round at various times. Please signup for our newsletter so you are informed when we have specials. As client and subscriber you get first bookings and a reduced price.
I offer Military families a discount, email me for more information.

Do you provide something for my child to wear for milestone sessions?

Yes! I offer all the outfits you need for your little one's sitter or cake smash session.

Do you have clothing for newborns and props?

Yes we have tons! You really do not need to bring anything. Our newborn clothing is specifically made for newborn posing. For special requests, please let us know ahead of time so I have the time to properly order what you are looking for.

How long are your sessions?

Maternity – depends on what package you choose
Newborn – approximately 2 hours- some babies need more time due to feedings.
Family – approximately one hour
Children anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on session and age
Please know there is no real “timer” on our sessions, the above is an estimate and sessions may take less or more time

My baby has acne do you retouch?

Yes basic skin retouching is included. For extra retouching (color Changes, head swaps, tattoo removable) extra charges will apply

Do you provide nude photography?

Yes we offer nude maternity photography and discretion is provided

Is hair and makeup included?

No. But I do work with several make up and hair artists that I can put you in contact with. Their fees are additional.

How long does it take to see my photos?

During the fall and holiday season it takes a bit longer because it's my busiest time of the year. Usually we say 3 weeks in the fall, but aim for less. If you have purchased a digital package, we will send an online gallery for you to choose.

How long does it take to receive an order?

This depends on what you are ordering. Most orders take around 2 weeks, however retouching may add time in delivery. We will let you know your estimated delivery time at time of ordering

How many pictures do I get?

This depends on the package you purchased and the session you booked.

What if I want retouching done on my portraits?

After your session, your images are presented fully edited. If you want head swaps, or any cosmetic fixes, additional charge will incur due to time taken on editing.

Do you give Raw images?

No we do not give Raw images.

Can I have the originals?

We do not give original images

Can I order more pictures later?

Yes you can. We can only guarantee holding images for 30 days, however we store our images on backups and usually can go back quite some time on image files.

Do you do cake smashes for children?

Yes we do! Smash sessions can be booked two ways. Child focused, which I love! No props. Or full blown theme sessions. Please refer to our gallery so you understand how my smash sessions. Please understand theme sessions cost more because we special order your backdrops and props for the set. NO OUTSDIE PROPS ARE ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO

Do you photograph children?

Oh yes! We can do studio portraits, outside portraits, Princess, or couture sessions, Talk to me about what your vision is and we can make it happen.

I have pre booked my newborn now what? What if my baby comes early or late?

We ask that all clients email or call within 24-48 hours of having your baby. Most babies are booked anywhere from 8-10 or even 12 or 14 days depending on the babys weight. Letting us know when you have your baby early enough allows rooms for re scheduling and adjusting.

I missed the newborn window and my baby is now 2 months old do you take them?

We photograph babies of any age. Your baby is no longer a newborn however you can still book a session. Please understand the baby most likely will not be able to do newborn poses or wraps and they are usually awake.

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