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There are countless of locations near us, these are my favorite places. If you have a location in mind, let’s talk about it.
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Bartrum's Garden

Step into the enchanting Bartrums Garden

Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility for an unforgettable photos session. Nestled footsteps away from the hustle and bustle of the city of philadelphia, this stunning location provides the perfect backdrop for your family pictures; fall, winter and summer all are breathtaking here.

depending on the season You will be greeted by a captivating blend of vibrant flowers, lush greenery and winding pathways. With every step you will discover hidden nooks and charming corners that beg to be photographed.

For your little ones will love to run and explore with joy and curiosity.

Japanese Gardens

Step into Serenity: at the Japanesse gardens

Nestled within Fairmount Park, these enchanting gardens offer a picturesque setting for capturing timeless moments.

From the meticulously manicured landscape to the perfectly lined trees- this garden offers numerous little little spots that create a stunning backdrop to timeless family or child photography.

I love to capture my Mommy and me sessions here.

I also do the spring mini sessions here and private family sessions.

sometimes if we are lucky we catch the blossoms.

Springton Manor Farms

Unleash the charm: A session at Springton manor farms

embark on a delightful journey through nature’s embrace with a photo session at Springton Manor Farms. Nestled in the heart of Chester County, this picturesque farm offers a captivating backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments.

As you arrive you will be greeted by sprawling green pastures, vibrant flower beds and a sense of rustic charms that sets the stage for your photo session.

stroll along the meandering pathways line with tall trees, their branches swaying gently in the breeze. The dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves creates a magical interplay of light and shadow fading depth and warmth to your pictures.

Springton manor farms offers endless posisibities for your photo session,

I love capturing extended family sessions here along with family sessions and in the fall I offer mini sessions.

Valley Forge Park

Unleashing history: valley forge park

Step into a world where history meets natural beauty with your family photo session at valley Forge Park. Located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this historic site offers a captivating backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments.

The park’s sprawling landscapes, dotted with historic buildings and monuments, creates a sense of awe. the serene ambiance and tranquil sorroundings provide the perfect canvas for your family photos.

wonder through winding trails surrounded by towering trees and lush greenery. the soft sunlight filtering through the leaves creates a magical warmth to your pictures.

I love the parks open spaces from expansive meadows to the rolling hills. the sweeping views and wide open skies invite you to capture the sense of freedom and serenity.

I capture full family sessions here and 30 min sessions

please note: advance booking here is required permits and fees will be needed.

Maple Acres Farm

Capturing rustic charm: Maple Acres fram

embark on a delightful adventure into the countryside with a family photos session at Maple Acres farm.

lets stroll through the farm’s sun kissed fields, adorned with rows of vibrant flowers and emerald green crops. The fragrant blooms, ranging from sunflowers to delicate wildflowers provide a kaleidoscope of colors that will add a touch of whimsy to your photographs.

Maple Acres Farm is more than just a location, it’s a place that encapsulates the spirit of rural living, Its breathtaking surroundings, makes it the perfect setting for a variety of photo sessions including: family, magical fairytales, engagements or kids.


The Highlands Mansion & Gardens

Unveiling Elegance: the Highlands Mansion and Gardens

set into a world of timeless beauty and grace with your family portraits at Highlands mansion and gardens. found in the heart of Fort Washington, this exquisite estate offers a captivating backdrop that epitomizes elegance and sophistication. With its magnificent mansion and its charming gardens meticulously manicured and full of blooms and colors.

Allow the changing seasons to add their magical touch to your family photos. The vibrant colors in the spring, the lush greenery of the summer and the fiery hues of autumn leaves and the serene beauty of winter snowflakes contribute the the magic of highlands mansion and gardens.

I love to capture magical kids session

please note: advance booking here is required permits and fees will be needed.

Old City-Philadelphia

A journey through history: old city philadelphia

embark on a visual advenaurethrough time with a family photos session in old city Philadelphia, where the echoes of americas’s past resonates through its cobblestones streets and historic landmarks. this charming negihhood rich in history and architectural splendor offers captivating backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments.

lets stroll through tiny historical streets, and work our way to the deleware river where we can catch the shimmering waters and the sunset’s glimmering colors on t. or work our way up the Benjamin Franklin bridge and capture a glorious backdrop of the city.

I love to capture full family sessions here to give us time to stroll around. I do offer a mini session on Elfreth’s alley every November.

Art Museum - Philadelphia

coming soon

Longwood Gardens

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