10 Things to Know When Booking Your Newborn Photographer

10 Things to Know When Booking Your Newborn Photographer

As a Philadelphia newborn family photographer, potential clients often ask me what to expect during their newborn portraits. Remember that every infant photographer does things differently; some of us change things to work for us. Explore my top 10 Things to Know When Booking Your Newborn Photographer.


Baby girl close up with her floral halo.  Lots of pink all around her.


This is a big one for me! The best time to book your newborn session is during your second trimester. It’s best to book months ahead to ensure that I have open availability. Like most photographers, we take soft bookings with newborns. Because of the unpredictability of a baby’s birth, we only take so many babies a month.

Book early to secure your baby photographer’s availability and get the photographer you want.


Studio baby photography is so different than lifestyle newborn photography. If you ask my clients their favorite time, they say day 7 of birth. I do have a sweet spot for day 7! Most babies are best photographed before the two-week window but are considered newborns for the first month. In between those two weeks, there are days when I prefer not to photograph the baby. Do you know the days when the baby is cluster feeding? The slightest move, and they want to feed as if they have not fed in 10 days. Lol.

When booking your newborn photographer, their expertise matters when working with older babies.  I have photographed babies older than a month, but your expectations must shift. The older the baby, the less curly it is. They are also less sleepy, making it harder to transition from pose to pose. Of course, there are always exceptions. Most importantly, you have to know all babies are different.

Baby girl two hands on her chin, laying sideways.  All pink around her.


As a child and baby photographer, I can not stress this enough. The age of Pinterest has changed our expectations so much, sometimes I feel..too much! But we must remember that you are looking at so many babies from different families. We can only expect one baby to accomplish some of those poses in one session. I always tell my parents to pick a few inspirational poses that they like: one or two. We can start there and create something beautiful just for you. Also, remember the inspiration picture from your child’s age if you have siblings. Do not expect a toddler to do what you see an older child doing in a photo.

Baby boy photoshoot in white in a bowl. His picture is being taken by a newborn photographer 4. WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU

Always communicate when booking your newborn photographer what should you bring with you.  I always photograph my babies at 830am. Baby is the most sleepy in the morning. I asked my moms if they could feed the baby upon arrival. But if the baby is hungry, please feed your baby. We can attempt a feed again once you arrive at the studio. My studio has everything you need for your baby: a bottle warmer, diapers, cream, blankets, a changing table, chucks, hand sanitizer, snacks, coffee, drinks, water, and more. If moms want to wear something from the closet, please feel free to do so. Many of my moms meet the makeup artist at the studio, and while I work with the baby, they have some mama pampering and get hair and makeup done.

You and I can discuss what to wear, but you will want to bring that with you. I suggest packing it separately as the studio is kept warm for your baby’s comfort.

Once you book your session with me, I will provide a detailed list of what to expect, what to bring, and how to prep.


Don’t rush your session. A session usually takes up to 2 hours, including family photos. I always attempt to pose babies in my workflow, but sometimes, they just do not like a pose. I will never force a baby into a pose for the sake of a picture. I always keep your baby’s safety and comfort as my priority.


Yes, even for my parents, who say their baby sleeps so soundly at home and does not make a noise. Remember, you are walking away when you lay your baby to bed at home. In the studio, I am posing your baby from pose to pose, and they might wake up occasionally or give a small cry. Many want to let me know they are unhappy with me moving them around. Just know it’s normal. If the baby persists in crying, I will pick them up and soothe them until they are all calm.

Big sister peeking at her baby brother with the back light on them. Mom had requested a similar shot when booking her newborn photographer.


If you are getting those naked baby pictures, know that your baby will pee and sometimes poop on me, on the blanket, and sometimes on you. It’s normal. My staff and I are used to it.

Baby boy in a whicker basket all cream set up.  He is holding a little brown bear stuffy, being photographed by a newborn photographer.


I follow a workflow for baby’s comfort. I always start with the baby upright because the baby usually eats in the studio before we start. I slowly transition through props and poses to keep the baby comfy. If your baby is gassy, it usually wants to be on its belly. I always offer family and sibling portraits in the session. I ask my clients if they wish to photograph Macro during the session.



I will take your baby, wrap it, and transition from prop to pose. You are welcome to watch throughout the session. Pull up a chair. We keep the studio quiet and use sound machines to soothe the baby.

If you have younger kids with you, many of my mothers arrive with the baby alone and then have dad bring the kids later. This minimizes the time the toddlers are kept in the studio so they do not grow restless. My Philadelphia studio is equipped with toys if you need to preoccupy the kids.

baby girl in purple in a bucket  laying chin on hands. Parents requested purple when booking their newborn photographer


After your newborn pictures with me in the studio, I will review your images and pick the best ones. I will complete my edits promptly. Remember, babies with a lot of flaky skin will take me longer. Once I edit your newborn gallery, I will present it to you. This is an excellent time for us to discuss your wall art and create those photo albums and grandparent gifts.


10 Things to Know When Booking Your Newborn Photographer

In sum, it’s so important when booking your newborn photographer, to communicate with your photographer as we all do it differently. Be bold and ask me a million questions. I would love to chat about your session. Most of all, remember to enjoy the moment. Your baby is just tiny for a moment. You will want to remember all of it. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. You can email me directly at dianasmythphotography@gmail.com or click here. My studio is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I look forward to meeting you and your growing family.





mom and dad backlit in a studio with a newborn photographer


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