Philadelphia Baby Photographer-What are Sitter Sessions

Oh my love for working with babies just keeps going….. as your Philadelphia Newborn photographer, I love growing along side of my families, I always say it’s one of my biggest privileges. After your newborn session, I like to see my families again for their “sitter session”. What is a sitter session?

A sitter session or really a Milestone session is a time around 6 months for babies who can sit unassisted. I love to call them Milestone sessions, because we are capturing the big sitting milestone. We are also capturing the time where your little one begins to smile back authentically back at you. I find this stage so playful and so much fun to have in the studio. They also bring with them the best expressions, and you know that there is nothing more that I love than capturing those authentic faces and expressions. Those are the ones you want to remember for ever. Parents just love these portraits. and can you blame them? Stop by my page and see some of the sweetest Sitter Sessions.

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  • Philadelphia baby photoshoot

Booking Your Philadelphia Sitter Sessions with your Baby Photographer.

Your baby’s sitter session should be scheduled between 6 to 9 months. Not every baby has their session at 6 months, because you really want your baby to sit independently. This allows us to capture them in several props or sitting on the floor just showing off what they can do! They love to smile back at you with their proud face.

A lot of my families who do the Grow With Me Plan come in all year with several sessions. I always recommend booking your sitter session early. As time approaches we can reevaluate how your little one is doing and we can adjust our booking.

What is the Best Style for Sitter Session?

Philadelphia baby photographer in studio
I love to have your babies show off what they like to do…. sitting independently, holding on. And if they are crawling then let’s have them crawl to me. Most of all, I want your baby to be the star of the portrait. I do not like really busy backdrops, or a ton of props laying around in the background. I love for you to have timeless styled portraits. Once you book your session, we will discuss what colors or styles you want to go for.

Philadelphia 6 months photoshoot

What Should Baby Wear for their Sitter Session?

My studio has so many nice options for your little one to wear. I always stick to my favorite things about your baby. I want to capture those baby rolls so let’s show some skin. I do not like shoes on babies, if you know me, you know I LOVE THOSE PIGGIES! And you will want to remember those. I suggest keeping away from clothes that make baby stiff and uncomfortable. My studio clothes is designed for photography, made from soft materials to keep your baby comfy while sitting upright or trying to move around. After all…. a comfy baby is a smily baby!

Parents are welcome to bring their own also. We can mix and match. I usually like to keep it to two outfits during your session.

As your Philadelphia Baby Photographer, I love capturing Sitter Sessions. To be honest, I just love seeing my babies again! Let’s capture your baby’s first year. The sitter session is a fun way to capture and create beautiful timeless portraits of your little one’s big milestone. Have more questions? Ready to book? I would love to connect with you and discuss your baby’s milestone session. Reach me here!

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