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Including your Partner in Your Maternity Photo Session

Including Your Partner In Your Maternity Photo – What you should know and how to get ready

My moms to be take maternity photos for many reasons.  Some my expecting mothers ask me the same question, ” Can I include my partner in my session?”  Of coarse you can!  If you want to include your partner in your maternity photo session, you absolutely can!

Usually, my clients follow this with, “Oh, he does not like getting his photos taken, so Im not sure he will do it.” I always tell moms, don’t stress, bring him with you and let me make dad feel comfortable for you.  I love to have joke around with them, and make them feel welcomed.  Dads usually are ready to jump in once they have warmed up.  You could share this with them, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A DAD POSES FOR A MATERNITY SHOOT  

This always gives my clients a good laugh!

Philadelphia maternity photography mother in a white dress and dad in a suit.

What Does My Partner Wear For Our Maternity Photos? 

Are you stressed about what he will wear when including your partner in your maternity photo session? Don’t worry, I got you covered!  First, lets get you dressed and design your session. You pick out what you want to wear, and I will help guide you with what to pack for your partner. I always suggest keeping it simple and solid colors.  Try to avoid patterns that will distract the eye.  Neutrals always work best.  One big rule I like to suggest is if you are photographing yourself in a beautiful gown, then your partner’s attire should match.  If dad wants to wear something causal, then we can chat about creating a casual set just for him – this is also a helpful motivation for them. Also, we can consider the time of the year; are we outside or inside?

Philadephia maternity photo session with mom in a puffy gown leaning on dad. Partner is wearing a suit embracing her belly.Philadephia studio maternity photoshoot. Mom is dressed in black and dad is dressed in a white t-shirt. Mom is getting ready to give dad a kiss.

How will You Pose My Partner in Our Maternity Photos? 

When I pose your partner in your maternity photos, I like to bring you both together.  You will hear me say this often, family means together, so lots of connections with hands, feet or closeness.  I like to intertwine my couples and have them melt with each other.  Show the love for the baby, with soft hands on the belly but still having that eye contact with each other to show your love.  Sometimes I set you both together and have your partner whisper something to you so I can catch some beautiful candid moments between the two of you.  Mostly, I love to capture the love and anticipation you both have for the arrival of your new baby, and when we include your partner in your maternity photos session you clearly capture love.



What Will My Partner Do While You Take My Photos?

I always assign dads to watch or assist.  They are always so excited to jump in and help; usually they love tossing fabric.  They get really excited and proud of their toss when I show it them.  Many of the partners when they are there, love watching you.  I always hear dads saying Wow, or hun your are beautiful.  It’s such a wonderful experience for you to see and hear them admiring your beauty.

Which leads right into,

A Post Session Date After Including your Partner in Your Maternity Photo Session

I always encourage partners to take you out for dinner and a fun night.  I mean, your hair is done, your make up is done, you are both feeling good about yourselves; what a great way to start a night out.

Want to learn more of what to expect during your maternity photo session with me?  Stop by and read here: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Maternity Photographer / What to Expect From Your Maternity Session


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