How Did I Get Started in Photography?

Every client always asks me, “how did you get started taking pictures?” Well, as many of you know, I was a Philadelphia school teacher before I started my photography business. But, my love for photography grew as a child. Growing up as a foster child, I never had a pictures of myself, or my mother. When I was in school, they would ask the kids to bring in pictures of your family, or your baby kids – I never had any to bring in. I think it was in high school where it hit me emotionally, who will know me when I’m gone. What story will be told?

Photography became so important to me, as a way for me to document my life, I had no other documentation, so I had to create my own. So I was the girlfriend with a camera in her hand. Every event big or small, I was taking pictures – this was way before phones had cameras or the world of social media and selfies became part of our lives. Here comes Diana with the camera!

Life changed once my first son was born. I wanted to document it all. In my mind, I never wanted my son to not have any captures of his life. I was still teaching, and being a mom and teacher was starting to be so overwhelming. I was an elementary teacher in the city of Philadelphia, which comes with a lot of dedication. So much of you has to be dedicated to your children, and I felt that struggle. How can I be a mom and a teacher? Who gets more of me? I know so moms struggle with the same. After some time, I think the stress that was growing in our home and in myself, lead us to really take a hard look and for me to leave teaching. Well, long story short….. (too late), as a stay at home mom, I started to take pictures of my first born, and then sharing them, and then I started talking to other moms and taking their pictures.

My business grew from something I did late at night after my son went to bed. Something I did for an hour on the weekends. I stop and count my blessings many times over, I get to capture your joy, and love. Your family’s story. I love creating art and magic everyday. Thank you to all of the families that have welcomed me into their homes. Thank you for your support big or small. Here comes Diana with the camera!

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