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Happy 2021

Cheers everyone!

Here comes the new year! A fresh start, the opportunity to start over right?! No, it’s really just like any other day around here. Sleep, coffee, shove kids to virtual school, walk, coffee, cook and clean. Right? I mean nothing really changed with the calendar for me. How was your New year?

I wanted to take a minute and say hi! I’m the mama behind the camera. I am wife to a supporting hubby, who has lots of patience with my crazy ideas. I’m a total boy mom to two sweet boys. When I’m not behind the camera I am running around being loud and messy with them.

Those that know me, know I LOVE the city of Philadelphia. Im a history nerd! I love the history of our city. Not to mention it offers the most beautiful backdrops for amazing portrait sessions. I recently moved to the burbs, away from my heart in the city. This past fall, I opened the door to the country side. And I have to admit, I fell in love with the fall colors and sunsets. Oh and those fall sunset skies!

I am excited for what the year is going to bring. I am thrilled to have a studio space in the city as well as one in Downingtown. I have been working with some amazing talented world known photographers and I am thrilled to share what I have learned.

Cheers to 2021… to new experiences, facing our fears, and moving forward with love in our hearts.

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