Five factors for Choosing the Best Place to Give Birth

You’re having a baby and thinking about what hospital or birthing place to give birth in. When I had my first baby, I was torn between two locations. The choice was tough, as they were both really good hospitals. I had a lot to consider when choosing, especially in Philadelphia, a city full of amazing medical care including Pennsylvania Hospital and University of Pennsylvania.  Here are my top  five factors for choosing the best place to give birth. 

maternity photo of expecting mother on a couch wearing a black lace dress. thinking about what factors to consider when choosing a birth center

Five Factors for Choosing the Best Place to Give Birth


Quality of Care. 

When looking for hospital or birth center the number one for me was a good reputation for providing high-quality woman’s health care; in addition, care during labor and delivery. Consider factors such as the hospital’s track record for successful births, complication rates, and overall patient satisfaction scores. 

new mom and dad holding their baby boy. They stand in front of a window with the back light lighting them.

Safety and Facilities.

For me, having a modern facility was a must. I considered not only the facility but also the equipment to handle any emergencies that may arise during childbirth. Check if the hospital has a neonatal intensive care unit if your baby needs specialized care. 

Consider the medical staff for Choosing the Best Place to Give Birth

The staff makes all the difference in a hospital. From the nurses to the obstetricians, everyone plays an important role in the hospital’s mood. In addition, does the hospital have enough staff to be available 24/7 to handle births and postpartum care?  

mom looking down at her sweet baby boy crying. This mom was thinking about what factors to consider when choosing a birth center. newborn baby boy in the hospital after birth. Mother had considered the factors for choosing a birth center

Supportive Environment

Look for a hospital or center that promotes a supportive and comfortable environment for the birthing experience. Consider factors such as the availability of birth rooms with amenities like birthing tubs, comfortable furniture, and options for pain management.  

Birth Plan Compatibility

Discuss your birth preferences with the hospital to ensure that they align with their policies and practices. If you have specific preferences, such as natural birth, the use of a doula or midwife, or alternative pain management techniques, ensure that the hospital supports and accommodates these preferences.  

new mother wrapped in black fabric with her newborn skin to skin black and white photography. She just finished breastfeeding

Five Factors for Choosing the Best Place to Give Birth

When considering a location that best suits your needs, consider the five factors for choosing the best place to give birth: quality of care, safety of the facility, the medical staff, and the environment, and ensure that you are both compatible with your birth plan. Remember to visit the hospitals, and always ask questions, to gain as much information to make an informed decision that best suits your needs and desires for your childbirth experience.  

Have you considered what you will pack in your hospital bag?  Here’s a quick read to help you pack your hospital bag.  Are you thinking about your maternity and newborn photos?  Let’s connect!

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