Family Beach Photos in New Jersey

Nothing screams summer than family beach photos in New Jersey. As soon as June 1st hits, my excitement rises. I LOVE being at the beach. Months before June 1st, my clients are reaching out to ask… “are you doing beach pictures this year?” I always say, just give me a reason to go to the beach.

family photo of mom and dad holing each other in the distance. Two little girls digging in the sand as the sunsets behind them.

Why are Family Beach Photos in New Jersey so Magical? 

As a Philadelphia family photographer I can tell you family beach pictures are truly magical. For me, I can close my eyes and remember the days of my childhood spent on the beach playing. Those were the most happy of days for me. Do you remember your childhood days at the beach? running around, building sandcastles? body surfing waves? I could remember sitting on the beach with my brother till the sky was barely lit by the moon then we would jump back on our bikes and head home. Are these not the best memories?!

This is what Summer Beach Photoshoots are about. Spending a sunset with your family, running around the beach, chasing the kids, and always ending with a fun splash in the ocean.

little boy digging in the sand by the ocean. the sun set has created a soft haze and filled the sky with color.Mom and dad on the pier holding each other. The two kids are picking up shells as they play on the beach. The sky is setting and radiates orange colors behind them.

What to Expect of a Beach Sunset Session?

Your sunset beach session must take place during golden hour. I mean I get technical and explain how it all works the sunlight, the squinty eyes, the blown out light, the ocean is a reflector. But, to state it simpler, it’s the most flattering light. Many times I carry the session into blue hour as well. I love blue hour at the beach, it’s just as magical- especially next to the ocean water. And just wait till you see that summer fire sky just open up as the sun hits the horizon. I just get all giggly inside.

Philadelphia family photographer beach picturesbeach newborn photos in philadelphia

My Kids Have an Early Bedtime

Hey mamas, I GET IT! my kids all had and still have early bedtimes. With that said, I will say, it’s ok, it’s one day. And yes, while the kids might start to get tired towards the end of the session, I have never had a cranky child playing on the beach. They love that they are running around the beach. Most of my parents give the kids a late nap time, and later dinner. This helps your little ones adjust. As with any session, I always say, as long as mom and dad are relaxed the kids are relaxed. Let’s just have fun!



Are you thinking of getting those beach pictures this year? If you are, don’t wait. Most photographers book early. If you are booking a beach session with me at any of our New Jersey Beaches, like Ocean City, Avalon, Wildwood, Atlantic City, Stone Harbour, expect to drop your shoes, run around get sandy and have some fun. And always expect to splash in the ocean at the end. I mean – summer was meant for laughs right!!!

Let’s connect and discuss your beach family pictures, lets connect at Diana Smyth Photography

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