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Best Splash Parks in Philadelphia

Best Splash Parks in Philadelphia

As the summer heat moves in, your kids will be craving some cooling off during the summer. One of my favorite pastimes in the city is what feels like endless ways for the kids to splash around without needing a pool or a trip to the beach. Making a quick stop at a splash park or sprinkler near you is a sure win for your kids and yourself on a hot day! As a Philadephia family photographer, I have spent countless hours chatting with my manas about the splash parks in our city and have created my first list of great spots. My kids and I have spent many hours at these Best Splash parks in Philadelphia. 

splash in the summer in philadelphia

Best Splash Parks in Philadelphia


Mom and dad at a long port beach kissing. Their two girls are giggling and looking up at them. The sun is setting behind them. splash Sister Cities Park

We still love this spot in the heart of Philadelphia, right on Logan Circle. We love hitting the Franklin Institute and then cooling off for lunch and a splash at this unique little spot. Your kids will love climbing and exploring the cliff’s top and bouncing on nets. They can also race to climb their way down, following the waterfall until they reach the pond. On the opposite end, there are about 11 spray jets that kids can run around in. And remember to pack your blanket for an afternoon lunch under the large shady trees. 

Dilworth Plaza

Whether you’re picking up your kids from school or need to cool off, a trip to City Hall is a fun, interactive way for the kids to engage with the sprinklers. The sprinklers are usually set to a pattern, which allows the kids some extra fun to figure it out.

little boy digging in the sand by the ocean. the sun set has created a soft haze and filled the sky with color.Seger Park

Located just a hop from South Street on 1000-42 Lombard St, this park has plenty to please all ages. In the center, you will find a splash pad for the kids, so pack your towels. In addition, it has two playgrounds for different ages. Every mom can appreciate how the toddler side is gated to keep those little ones from wandering away.

Mermaid photos in jersey splash parks in philadelphiaNorthern Liberties Recreation Center

This center is excellent! It features a sprinkler, a swimming pool, a playground, a basketball court, and a huge five-room recreation building with various activities. It is a great spot for families with kids of all ages. D It is definitely one of those you want to keep on a rotation list and do something different each visit. 

Mother and daughter walk down the beach together holding hands.Robert Clemente Park

Located at 1800 Wallace St., in the Spring garden section of Philadelphia, this playground has a lot to offer your family. It has a playground area to please little ones on a hot day! It also features a playground, basketball courts, and sports fields.  

Mom and dad on the pier holding each other. The two kids are picking up shells as they play on the beach. The sky is setting and radiates orange colors behind them.Nelson M. Herron Playground and Recreation Center 

This playground is located in South Philly, at 213 Reed St., and has a great spray area your kids will love. So grab that mommy friend and kids and head over with a nice picnic lunch to cool off.  

Best Splash Parks in Philadelphia


As a mom and family photographer, I always search for ways to cool off those kiddies and squeeze in as many summer memories as possible. I love always adding a quick splash to any of our summer days. These Best splash parks in Philadelphia will leave your kids plenty of fun and giggles in the summer. Do you need some other activities for your little ones throughout the year? Here’s a quick list of fun activities to do in Philadelphia.  

Remember to capture those memories with some family portraits or just the kids. Summer is one of my favorite times to capture your kids being kids. Let’s connect about creating beautiful portraits

Philadelphia family photographer at the Japanese gardens. splash parks in philadelphia




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