5 Benefits of a Midwives for Your Birth Experience

Every year, more women are choosing to use a midwife for their pregnancy.  Midwives are certified nurses with with master degrees in midwifery.  They are trained in many aspects  of woman’s health care.  While providing care, they offer continuous support throughout the duration of the pregnancy and delivery, with the least interventions necessary.  Midwives pride themselves on women centred care. As you begin this exciting new journey of parenthood a midwife is there to help you navigate through it all; from pre pregnancy to postpartum.  I hear from my clients that have used a midwife, they truly enjoyed the experience.  Let’s look at  5 Benefits of Midwives for your birth experience. 

baby being attended to by nurse after birth. baby is in the hospital birth carrier.

Benefits of Midwives for your birth experience


1. Midwives give Personalized Attention for your Birth Experience

One of the key benefits of having midwives for your birth experience is the personalized care they provide.  Midwives offer individualized attention and support throughout the entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.  They take the time to get to know their clients and develop a trusting relationship to ensue that the care provided aligns with your specific needs.  Midwives who work collaborative in a team, provide you longer appointments and ensure that you get to know each midwife on the team.  They listen and empathise with clients.  Their goal is for you to feel heard, valued and respected.  

father and mother sitting in the bed after giving birth with a midwife. They are holding their new baby.

2. Midwives provide Continuous Support Before and After your Birth

Midwives are known for their continuous support during labor and birth through communication. They are present during the entire process, offering you emotional, physical, and informational support.  Because you have many questions during your pregnancy, midwives, ensure that their families are well informed so you can make the best decision about your care.   Their compassionate, and responsive presence throughout the process, and in the birth can help moms reduce anxiety and increase confidence leading to a more positive birth experience.  

3. Holistic approach: Benefit of Midwives for your birth experience

Midwives take a holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth.  They focus on the overall well being of you! Because of this, they consider not only the physical aspects but the emotional and mental aspects of your health.  In addition, they include care for moms after birth with some home visits as well.   This approach promotes a more comprehensive and integrated care experience.  

Natural birth with a midwife in the hospital. Mother is on a ball working through contractions while dad helps her.baby is crying after birth while the midwife cleans and checks him. This is one benefit of having midwives for your birth experience.

4. Natural Birth Advocacy

Midwives are often advocates for natural childbirth and to support your desire to have a low intervention birth if that aligns with your preferences. At the same time, they recognise the need for assistance if appropriate.   Midwives also provide education guidance and tools to help you make more informed decisions about your birth plan; allowing you to be more empowered, having an active role in the birthing process.  

Giving birth with a midwife has many evidence-based benefits. You can find many more in the National Library of Medicine. 

5. Post Partum Care:

Midwives provide comprehensive postpartum care, focusing not only your physical recovery but also your emotional.  They provide you with guidance on breastfeeding, newborn care, and postpartum healing.  Midwives provide you with different support, guidance and resources for any challenges that might face during the postpartum period.  

Researchers have found that midwife-led care has benefits for mothers and babies.  With such personal care before, during and after, it’s clear why more and more women are having a midwife for their birth experience, making this the choice for their journey into motherhood.

Newborn photo of a baby girl curled up in her moms hands. Studio photography in philadelphiablack and white newborn photography of baby stretching

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