Your Baby checklist for the Mom-to-be

Your Baby checklist for the Mom-to-be

The exciting journey begins when you find out you’re having a baby. Whether this is your first baby, second, or fifth, every pregnancy is different and so unique. I found it interesting that I barely used the things I thought I “needed” with my first baby but then learned what I needed for my second. Our needs change by the way we adjust our lives. Some things are the same; our little ones need love, safety, and care. As you prepare for your upcoming little one, let’s review a checklist of some essential needs. Here’s your baby checklist for the mom-to-be. Other moms and I have compiled this in hopes of helping you along. You might find a new idea that will work for you and your baby. Let’s take a peek. 

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Your Baby checklist for the Mom-to-be

pregnant mother-to-be in a Philadelphia Studio looking down at her belly. the backdrop is dark with just a silver of light highlighting her belly.Infant Car Seat:

A car seat is required by law for you to leave the hospital. I love how advanced car seats have become. As a new mom, I remember that installing the car seat was a significant stressor; after some research, I learned that there are places you can drive up to, and they will help check to ensure your car seat is installed correctly. Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania has partnered with Safe Kids Southeastern Pennsylvania Coalition to teach parents how to install their children’s seats safely and adequately. They also offer car seat checks in the Philadelphia Area. 


The stroller is a game changer for city moms and suburban moms alike, and it is so helpful. Today, you can find a stroller that fits your needs, from a lightweight umbrella stroller to a heavy-duty jogging stroller. What fits your lifestyle? With my first, I took the casual approach, a lightweight all-around stroller. For my second, I learned that I needed the heavy-duty jogging stroller. I was in the city and needed that smooth ride to run daily on the city streets. Think about how you will use the stroller before you make your choice. 

Philadelphia at home lifestyle photographer checklist

Feeding Supplies:

If breastfeeding, you might consider having a breast pump, a supply of milk bags, and some bottles. You could jump over and read Top 10 Must-Haves for Breastfeeding  For a great list of what a breastfeeding mom needs.  

If you are formula feeding, consider having an excellent supply of bottles, a warmer, a nice variety of nipples, brushes to clean your bottles, and a dry rack.  

Some moms decide to do both, so mixing both items is excellent. I always liked having enough bottles, so I did not have to worry about washing and drying them every single time.  

Dad holding baby boy standing by the window while mom looks at the camera. baby checklistDiapers:

Whether you choose clothes or disposables, keep a nice stash of diapers around. I always keep a box of my current size and the next size. It was always at the worst times that you learned you needed to size up. A great tip passed to me was when you refill your diaper table, reill your diaper bags.  


Wipes are one of those things you wonder why you never carried with you before you had a baby. They come in handy for almost any situation, including wiping the baby’s spit up and cleaning a table at a restaurant. Carry them, and lots of them. My boys are older now, and I still carry wipes in my purse, in the car, and at home.  

Baby Carriers:

I found babywearing so wonderful. I had two boys who wanted to be held all the time. They would not sleep without being held. As a mom, I found a slight relief in babywearing.  

black and white newborn photography of baby stretching

Baby Bedding:

Keeping at least three simple sets is helpful. I learned the hard way; I was always washing sheets. Keeping some extras around the house keeps you out of the laundry room for a bit. 

Bath Items:

The essentials for a bath include baby wash, soft washcloths, and towels. As your baby grows, having a little bathtub or a tub seat will be helpful. You will find that having a bath will be a fun time for your baby as they get older so that little tub will allow your little one to enjoy some bubble fun. 

black and white photography of fist bump with dad

Health and Grooming:

A critical essential I found to keep is a thermometer. You never know when your little one will be sick, and the last thing you want to do is run out in the middle of the night to get a thermometer. 

In addition, you want to include nail clippers in your little stash. You will find your baby’s nails grow really fast. I also found keeping a baby nail file for those tiny little corners helpful.  

Your Baby checklist for the Mom-to-be

I know how overwhelming shopping for new baby can be. Trying to decide what you need versus what you do not need.  I hope this Baby Checklist for the Mom-to-be was helpful to narrow down some of your must have’s as you welcome your new baby home.

Philadelphia-newborn-photographyIf you are thinking about capturing this moment let’s connect and schedule a newborn portrait session for your new growing family.  Visit me at:


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