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A Philadelphia Maternity Photoshoot

Philadelphia maternity photoshoot with the family
I am so honoured to share this Philadelphia maternity photoshoot story with you. I recall the first time this mama reached out to me, and how I loved growing along side of this sweet South Philadelphia Family! During our initial consult call, she seemed a little hesitant, she was expecting her second born, and already had a sweet little boy. Her concerns, the same as many of my moms, how would we capture her son during the maternity session. How do we keep him from melting down. I assured mom that we can capture beautiful portraits of him and the family with some patience.

We met for mom’s first maternity session at the Japanese Gardens grounds in Fairmont Park in Philadelphia. It was summer and it created a blooming setting to capture this stunning mama and her growing family. Within minutes I captured this shot, and I felt like the day was complete! You know that satisfying feeling when you get a toddler to give you exactly what you want with a smile. Yea, that was this moment.
Philadelphia family photography of little boy in garden
As the session moved on, I loved the captures of this beautiful and sweet family. It was during this session that I fell in love with maternity. This mama glowed in joy and her husband just embraced the moment in admiration.

Maternity photography of mom and dad at the Japanese Gardens in Philadelphia
Fast forward to 2022…. after several family sessions, mini sessions, newborn session, and holiday sessions. Mama reached out to me again, to share the news that she was expecting again. This time around mom wanted a studio maternity session. She was concerned because now we have two little ones while we sit in the studio to capture stunning portraits. Mom and I decided to create a plan for the kids. And we both went in with the understand that no matter how much we “planned” kids are kids. Let’s plan big, have fun and see what happens.

The family arrived in my Philadelphia studio for her maternity photoshoot, and mom and I began to chat and plan our session out. I explained to mom my plan for the kids and dad. Dad did an amazing job as he always does to sit down and play with the boys while mom enjoyed her moment. The kids loved playing with all the toys in the studio. Mom and dad did pack extra items for the boys, but we all know sometimes the best toys are the ones that are not yours.

Mom’s first choice of style was the casual look. I loved this look for the family together. It really broth out the fun of the family’s personality. We went with white tops for everyone and mom wore a button down so we can expose the belly. This is one of my favourites, I simply asked the boys to climb up, I mean what boy wants to refuse to climb? That was exactly what I captured.

Philadelphia maternity photography of mother and two boys
For mama’s second choice, we used the “Goddess” robe with the nude bodysuit. It complete made her stand out, in grace and beauty. I love how soft and feminine she feels and looks in this robe. There is something about this robe, it leaves my moms feeling like a Goddess. She’s gorgeous!

Philadelphia maternity photography of mother in big dress
Philadelphia maternity photography of mother and two boys in tulle
We took a shot and decided to add the boys to this shot. We did not know who we would do, but the boys did it. And they giggled through it.

Many times during a maternity session, I am usually playing mom’s favourite playlist or Beyonce. I loved that during this maternity portrait session, the studio was full of giggles from little ones.

Maternity photoshoot of mother and her son

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