7 Reasons Why Prints Matter from your Philadelphia photographer

7 Reasons Why Prints Matter from your Philadelphia photographer

So often, I hear from my Philadelphia clients, “Thank you for showing me what I needed when I did not know.” What did I show them about the value of prints? I have had clients cry when they get their orders. The value and emotion of print are immense! But where has it gone? Everyone wants digitals, but then what? There are so many benefits to printing your digital photos, so why print? Here are 7 Reasons Why Prints Matter from your philadelphia photographer.


Philadelphia family photography in the Japanese gardens

7 Reasons Why Prints Matter from your Philadelphia photographer


1. Who is logging into your computer to look at the photos? 

Do you invite friends and family to gather around your computer? Then why are they stored there? What if your computer crashed? What if technology changed? How often do you log into your computer or phone and look at your photos? Why did you hire a professional photographer to capture these magical memories and let them sit on your computer? No! Let’s order those prints from your photographer and hang those portraits.

2. Why display prints on the walls? 

Show off your kids! Your family! Fill your walls with beautiful images of your children- the laughter, the giggles, and, yes, the pouty and tantrum faces. Show your children how important they are by showcasing them. Show the family pet, the teary eyes of family moments, the

 cake smash mess your little one made, you and your hubby snuggled up or dancing. These are the moments you want to always keep with you. You don’t need to hang the perfect posed ones; I love to capture those tantrums or those not-cheesy faces. I always say these are the looks, the expressions you want to remember at every age. Life is messy, after all….. print and show off your beautiful mess.

A study by the New York Times found that there were positive effects of looking at printed images. The study found that children from homes with prints experienced an increased self-esteem and a more extended sense of identity. Some findings also found that when looking at printed family photos, their child had a stronger sense of their identity. n

Just a tiny tip: If you want your kids to see why fuss over getting those family pictures, hang them up! It creates a connection for your child. 


dad laying on the bed holding his new baby girl.3. Technology is constantly changing.

Technology is so frustrating; it is constantly changing. I remember holding my first small digital camera; today, I have a mirrorless one. What happened? Remember storing your images on a CD? What are you doing with them now? You can not insert a CD into any computer. Gosh, you can not even insert a USB drive these days. Where will you store them? How do you transfer your files as you get a new computer as technology changes?

Create albums, memory boxes, or books. Print your images and fill your home with beautiful photos of your family. Get the pictures off your cell phone and print those, too! Let your children see themselves growing up; let them see how important they are that they fill your walls.


new mom and dad holding their baby boy. They stand in front of a window with the back light lighting them.4. Speaking of your computer files…..

Bad news: when we are gone, our kids will not spend Time sitting at a computer and thinking of figuring out their passwords, then saying, “Hey, mom had all of our pictures on here.” Time and Time again, clients contact me asking if I have Mom’s files. LoosingLosing files will be different when you print them. Your children will treasure those prints. There is so much emotional connection for them to hold that picture of you and them.

As many of you already know about me, I was a foster child. I would give/pay anything to hold a picture of my mother in my hands. My story began at birth, but I have no documentation of it until middle school. What I would give to have a baby picture of myself or to hold my mother in my hands.

What are you leaving for your kids? For their kids?

framed artwork of a family5. Facts about Jpeg files.

A Jpeg file is a standard compression file for digital images. A digital camera compresses the raw photos into JPEG to make the files smaller for storage. Every Time you download and save your JPEG file, you lose a bit of the quality. Make sure you print your images the moment you get them, ensuring you have the best quality image. Never send your pictures from your computer to your phone. Your phone will compress your files. When you try to print them, they will be blurry and print in lousy condition.

maternity photographer in West Chester pa6. You don’t own your files unless they’re printed

After your photos are taken, they’re shared with you. From there, you can download them to your computer. You might store them on a drive or the cloud from this point. Where do you store them? If you are not printing them, they are not entirely yours, are they? You do not own the platform you are using to store the images. You need to have complete control of this platform. What if they crash? Or what if they go offline? Consider what if they go out of business and are replaced by new technology?

If you want to store a backup file of your digitals, use an external hard drive and a backup one. I always keep two external drives for each file. But the best way to ensure you have these memories forever is to print your photos. n

7. The Next Generation will thank you!!!

This is a BIG ONE. Did we forget why we take pictures? What will our kids have to share and pass down from one generation to the next? How will our story be told once we are gone? Surround your children with beautiful photos of your family. Seeing these photos often helps young children begin to recognize parents and close family members. It can also be a great conversation starter for your older children. Do you remember asking your parents where a photo of them was taken when they were younger? Give your children the same opportunities by printing your digital images.

Why Prints are Important-

7 Reasons Why Prints Matter from your Philadelphia photographer


My hope is that you take away not just the importance of printing your images but the value in preserving your family’s history.  The future of technology is unknown to us today.  What do you want to leave behind?  There are so many reasons why prints are important, these 7 Reasons Why Prints Matter from your philadelphia photographer were just a starting point for you to consider.  If you need help with any printed product or have any questions, I am here to help you. My Philadephia studio carries samples of options for printing and memory storage.

Did you know I can design gallery walls and custom frameworks for you? Let me preserve your family’s legacy so your future generations can cherish the story you are living now. Are you thinking about a family session in the Philadelphia Area?  I can help! Let’s connect and start capturing and preserving your family’s memories.  Diana Smyth Photography


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