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6 Questions to Ask Your Philadelphia Pediatrician

6 Questions to Ask Your Philadelphia Pediatrician 


Finding a pediatrician has been on your task list, along with other things like finishing the baby’s room and finding the best birthing place. Suppose you are starting from the beginning of your search. In that case, consider reading 5 Factors when choosing your pediatrician. If you have done some research and will meet different doctors by phone, Zoom, or in person, here are 6 questions to ask your Philadelphia pediatrician

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6 Questions to Ask Your Philadelphia Pediatrician 


black and white photography of fist bump with dad1.Understanding your pediatrician’s stance on breastfeeding vs. formula is crucial. It’s not just about their knowledge but also about their support for your choice. Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, you need a doctor who respects and supports your decision, and who can provide the necessary guidance and care


baby boy wrapped in cream with two hearts by his side2. What is your belief on Vaccinations? One of the most essential considerations as a new parent is your new baby’s vaccination. Because of this, it is crucial to start this discussion right away with your doctor. This can be a challenging topic for many parents, as it involves their beliefs and their child’s health. Ensuring that your pediatrician’s schedule aligns with your beliefs and is flexible if needed is essential.  


black and white image captured of mother sitting on the floor looking at her expecting belly.3. Do you treat the child only, or do you treat the whole family? A good pediatrician will treat the whole family; for instance, they will ask Mom if she is getting enough sleep. They will listen to your struggles and help you come up with a plan for what you need. Finding a doctor who cares for the entire family is priceless.  



black mom and dad with new baby swaddled in their arm. motherhood studio photography4. What is the average office wait time? I know that at any time, things will come up in the office, and doctors will fall behind their schedules. When you ask your doctors this question, could you consider their reaction? You want to ensure you have a doctor who aligns with your time. The last thing you want to do is sit for hours waiting to be seen for a sick or healthy visit.  


Photographers West Chester pa5. How does your on-call service work? This is important for those nights when your baby is sick and you are unsure what to do. How fast do they return your call? Often, those emergencies or high fevers can cause any mom to stress and worry, so getting that call back fast brings a sense of calm and assurance. 


6. What if my baby or child has an emergency after hours? Make sure the plan they use works for you and your family. What happens after the ER? Do they flow up with you? Do they have a connection to the hospital so they get notified? Is the paperwork transferred immediately, or is this something you have to wait for? 


6 Questions to Ask Your New Pediatrician 

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As a Philadelphia maternity photographer, I have conversations with many new parents as they begin or are in the middle of their search. We are so lucky to be in Philadelphia with many excellent doctors and hospitals, including the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, which has some of the city’s best practices for babies and children. If you are in the middle of your search for your baby’s doctor, consider these 6 questions to ask your Philadelphia pediatrician.  

If you are crossing items off your checklist, let me help you with your maternity and newborn photos. Let’s connect and discuss how I can capture and create beautiful portraits of your new family. I have a studio in the heart of Philadelphia with everything you need. I look forward to talking to you.

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