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6 Breastfeeding Support Groups for Moms in Philadelphia

6 Breastfeeding Support Groups for Moms in Philadelphia


One of the most complex parts of being a new mom is breastfeeding, especially your first time around. The frustration: Is your baby feeding enough? Too much? How do I know if I am making enough milk? Should I pump? How do I increase my supply? The questions go on and on; sometimes, it feels like no end is in sight. In addition, it can feel like you’re alone. Having patience and seeking the right support is crucial for new moms. The proper support can bring a new mom some peace of mind and the feeling that everything you are feeling is normal. Here are 6 Breastfeeding Support Groups for Moms in Philadelphia

overhead shot of mom holding baby boy, while he cries.

Breastfeeding Support for Moms in Philadelphia


mom holding her baby boy they are both wrapped up in a black fabric to bring them close together .La Leche League of Philadelphia

As an international non-profit organization, La Leche is dedicated to providing support, information, and education to families who choose to breastfeed. This group in Philadelphia is led by experienced parents who have breastfed or are currently breastfeeding. They meet every second Tuesday of every month.  


new baby after birth crying as they clean him up from birth.Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

CHOP offers so much support for moms. In addition, they offer many services, including milk bank donations, lactation consultants, pumping rooms, support groups, and a breast pump rental program. Their goal is to make breastfeeding accessible for all parents. 


Philadelphia Lifestyle newborn photography. New little baby girl curled up in mom's arms looking up at her.Thomas Jefferson Hospital

They offer breastfeeding support in each hospital location throughout the Philadelphia area. Support groups are led by board-certified lactation consultants. In addition, they offer virtual support meetings for those who find it more difficult to leave the house in the early days. 


west chester pa at home newborn photographerMama’s Wellness Joint

Many of my clients love attending groups with Elizabeth Varaso. She offers postpartum support groups where you can discuss breastfeeding and newborn care. Topics include everything from the baby’s first feed to safe milk storage to getting a good latch. Along with the in-person groups, a virtual option exists for moms.  


newborn baby boy in a blue swing with felt balloons in his handPennsylvania Hospital

Pensy offers a breastfeeding support line for moms—the and a support line: 2158 at 93644. The hospital also provides breastfeeding support, class programs, and products.  


baby boy curled up in studio photographyCenter City Pediatrics

They offer action support groups on Thursday mornings in their South Street office. Veronica Briggs leads these 90-minute interactive groups. Advanced registration is required, as space is limited. Each session costs $20. 


6 Breastfeeding Support Groups for Moms in Philadelphia

photographers in media pa

The biggest takeaway all moms should know is that support is there for them. Breastfeeding is hard, and it can seem long, but you are not alone. Motherhood is hard and icolating those first few weeks. Getting out and meeting new moms and having the proper support will bring some peace of mind to all moms. I hope you found these 6 Breastfeeding Support Groups for Moms in Philadelphia most helpful in your journey.  You might also love to read all about Post Party here: The Fourth Trimester.


Philadelphia studio newborn photos

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