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6 Benefits of Hiring a Night Nurse In Philadelphia

6 Benefits of Hiring a Night Nurse In Philadelphia


Your new Baby is here, and you’re over the moon in love, joyful, and exhausted! Like most babies, your Baby is not sleeping through the night; you are exhausted. The first few weeks with a new baby at home can be stressful and both physically and mentally exhausting without the proper support. After what seems to be night after night of waking up to feed the Baby, the Baby won’t latch, or the Baby won’t settle your body and mind, reaching out to a night nurse might be a helpful option for many Philadelphia families. Here are the 6 benefits of hiring a Philadelphia Night nurse.  


asian baby boy laying chin on hands on a white mood. There are stars behind him.


motherhood photo session of mother holding her baby. her baby's bum is showing mom has her eyes colosedWhat Is a Night Nurse?

A night nurse is an expert nurse in newborn care who comes into your home during the first few weeks of the Baby’s arrival. Your nurse will usually work at night and help feed and change the Baby so both parents can get some sleep. The best part? You can also hire them for full days, giving you the flexibility to manage your time. The extra sleep allows you to have the freshest mindset in the morning to care for your Baby. There are several night nurses in Philadelphia; including, Let Mommy Sleep, which provides you with night nurse services.  There is also After the Stork, which provides Doula and post partum care.  


6 Benefits of hiring a Philadelphia Night nurse   


Consistent Bedtime Routine

As a mom, there are many days when getting your Baby to sleep and staying asleep can sometimes require time and patience, and even days when you must get creative. I used to wear the Baby’s cradle sheet all day so my son would smell me when he went to sleep. Once you settle into a pattern of how you do bedtime for your Baby, your night nurse can pick up and mimic what you do. This creates a consistent bedtime routine for your Baby. Even in the middle of the night, when your Baby wakes up, your night nurse is there to repeat your routine. 


baby girl wrapped up in a circle all in pink. She has a floral headband on. Behind her there are three different shades of pink hearts.


mom holding her new baby girl her eyes are closed and she is forehead to forehead with her partner.Uninterrupted Sleep

Most babies’ days and nights are confused during the first few weeks after birth, leading them to stay awake for most of the night. Sometimes, your Baby can change its pattern after weeks of sleep and start waking up at night. A baby’s “sl ep” patterns, or lack thereof, are concise. Most babies sleep for two hours at a time.  


Your Philadelphia night nurse will be there to soothe your Baby at night, even on those nights when the Baby wakes up several times. This may mean you do not sacrifice your sleep and get the needed rest.  

Your Baby will stay comfortable.

Many babies wake up in the middle of the night because they have a wet diaper. Your night n nurse will be there to change your Baby’s diaper, ensuring they are comfortable all night. 

mom wrapped up in pink with a tulle gown all around her, she is holding her baby girl swaddled in pink laying on her shoulder.

Less Stress in those first weeks

No one prepares you for bringing home a new baby. Those first few weeks of transitioning your family to a new baby can be hectic and stressful. Your night nurse is there to help you create a stable environment and ease into your new life routines. I’m going to be super easy to be a challenging nurse, but it will remove some of the Stress for you both. 


baby girl swaddled in white. She is laying on a fur with a small delicate bow on her head. The shot is from the shadow side.Bottles and Laundry Ready

Let’s face it: suddenly, your laundry pile will grow. And if you use bottles, your sink becomes a dumping ground. As a Philadelphia newborn photographer, I hear from my family that they love how they wake up, and their night nurse has done laundry and cleaned all the bottles. This extra help lets you give 100% attention to being there for your Baby. 


More Time

Because a little extra time to feel good about yourself is so important, with the help of a night nurse, you have more time to focus on your Baby. You and our night nurse can arrange any additional tasks they can help you with.  


6 Benefits of hiring a Philadelphia Night nurse   


We all heard the expression it takes a village. It is, for many families, that there are no extra hands from grandparents. Those first few weeks can be emotionally and physically challenging for many new families. The 6 benefits of hiring a Night Nurse In Philadelphia include much more than sleep. It’s the added support system you will build in your home and routines. Your night nurse can make it possible for you to have the extra hands and sleep you need in those first weeks.

motherhood photoshoot mom is dressed in black and holding her baby girl up in the airmommy and me photoshoot with mom kissing baby girl. Baby girl has her eyes closed.mommy and me photoshoot in Philadelphia Studio. mom is dressed in a white t-shirt and baby idiaperless. Mom took a prenatal class.

As a Philadelphia Newborn photographer, I have this conversation with many of my family, whether it’s the first or fifth Baby. Many of my family members who do not have the extra help from grandparents love their experience of having a night nurse. I always say do what works best for you and your sanity.  


After you schedule your night nurse’s arrival, hop over and discuss your Baby’s first portraits. I would love to capture all these beautiful memories for you. Let me take care of all the details so you can show up and enjoy the experience. You can visit me at Diana Smyth Photography 

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