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5 Tips for Fall Family Photos from Your Philadelphia Family Photographer

It’s here! That Magical time of the year when the leaves change color, the weather is cooler and everyone is looking for their fall family photos. Here are some tips to help guide you to have a successful photoshoot this fall and capture the best Philadelphia Fall Family Photos every year!

1. What is the best time in Philadelphia to capture fall family photos?

In the Philadelphia area it can depend where you are for the exact best time to capture those fall colors. If you are looking in the  Northeastern section of Pennsylvania, the trees begin to change colors in mid-September reaching peak color by early to mid October. In contrast, the  Southern section of Pennsylvania, the peak of fall foliage is usually mid- late October. I love to capture the change in color while the weather is not too cold outside. Small children do not photograph well when they are outside in the cold.  I usually discourage my clients with small kids not to photograph in November.  With all of this said, keep in mind weather is unpredictable, and changes from year to year. I always suggest having a chat with your photographer before to discuss the current years foliage prediction. 

2. Where is the best place in Philadelphia to capture Fall Family Photos?

Locations are endless!! This is a great time to chat with your photographer and discuss what style of backdrop you envision for your family photos.  In addition, you want to consider what locations require a permit / or fees.  If they require a permit, how long in advance do you need to secure this permit?  Some of my favorite locations include: an open field, the woods, a local park with lots of trees, I even love the urban look in the fall – you might see me wondering around Philadelphia with a family and my camera. You can hop over to Visit Philly to learn more about the unique places the city offers.  The most important thing is that you love your photos and style you selected; these are your family photos pick some place that you love.
Family of four at a fall sunset photo session in Philadelphia

3. What is the best time of day for family photos in the fall?

With all family sessions, no matter what the season is, the best time for photos are either sunrise or sunset. There is something magical about the sunset light evenly distributing through all of the land, and creating a beautiful glow on everyone’s skin.  So naturally, in the fall, as the trees loose some leaves, the sun peeks its magical fire through and creates stunning backdrops for your family portraits. During your search for a photographer, have the conversation with them and ask if they capture both sunset and sunrise sessions. 

4. What photographer is best for my fall photos?

If you do not have a regular family photographer, do your research and make sure to understand the style of the photographer before booking them. First place to start is always with their style; making sure it matches yours.  Because we live in the era of Pinterest and sometimes see things we love and then expect any photographer to do it,  but that is not always the case.  For example, asking me to create light and airy images will never happen.  I shoot in a very dark and moody style.  Next, make sure you understand your budget, discuss all the financial aspects of your photographers price guide.  This way you can walk away with good memories, instead of surprises upsetting you in the end.  Making sure you find the photographer that best fits your family is important to the overall experience you are looking for in your family photo sessions.

  • Philadelphia sunset fall photo of family kids in the tall grass.
    Philadelphia Pa family picture
  • Little boy walking down a path full of fall red leaves that have fallen off the trees. The sunset is glowing right above him lighting his path.
    Philadelphia Pa family picture
  • Mom and dad swinging their daughter with the sunset behind them.
    Philadelphia Pa family picture

5. What do we wear for our family photos?

What to wear is the biggest challenge many of my families come to me with when they book their family photos.  Your fist step after booking your family photographer, is your consolation call.   During this call, your photographer will guide you to select your family’s wardrobe.  Remember to keep a style that speaks to who you are; while creating a timeless look and feel to your final photo.   My clients have access to my private on line styling website, where they can shop directly from the site- this feature makes it so easy for them.

Think of colors that are warm and neutral for your fall family photos. You can visit my post ,,What to Wear for your Fall Family Photos.

What ever you do, do not wait too long to book your fall family photos. The best photographers are usually booked during the July and August months. I hope these tips help you plan and discuss your Fall Family photos with your family photographer. If you’re in the Philadelphia Area and need a fall family photographer, lets connect and discuss what your vision is for your family photos.

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