5 Reasons for Professional Maternity photography in Philadelphia

5 Reasons for Professional Maternity photography in Philadelphia

Are you in the second trimester and considering a maternity photo shoot? A professional maternity portrait session is a great way to capture the beauty of motherhood and everything powerful that your body is doing right now. It’s a great way to celebrate yourself and create memories that you will cherish for years to come. As a professional photographer, here are the 5 Reasons for Professional Maternity photography in Philadelphia.

pregnant mom sitting on two stackable boxes. Her belly is showing as she celebrates her maternity photoshoot.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Plan Your Philadelphia Maternity Photography Session with a Professional Photographer. 


maternity photoshoot of mom with window shadow1.Expertise and Experience

You want a photographer with experience and expertise to capture stunning photos showing your personality and style. Every mom has a different vision and style for their final images. Your professional photographer will work with you to create your vision styled to your preferences.  

Maternity photography photo session mom in fabric2. Posing is crucial

Your professional maternity photographer will provide various poses and settings to create the images you are looking for. As a Philadelphia maternity photographer, I often find clients nervous initially, so I carefully structure my sessions with this in mind. Our poses and sets are designed to ease you into your session and make you feel as unique as you look.  

3. Professional Techniques. 

Your professional photographer is knowledgeable about lighting usage and techniques. Many photographers have their own techniques of light and tricks they like to use. In addition, they know how to edit your images to create beautiful pieces of artwork. After all, you want to cherish these images for years.


pregnant mother wearing a fluffy tulle gown standing confidently as she embraces her journey into motherhood.4. Client closet:

Discuss with your photographer if they have a client closet. Most experienced professional photographers who specialize in maternity photography have an establishe client clsoet that fits many styles. They also have a list of high-end vendors they can use if you are looking for a specific style of dress or look. As a Philadephia maternity photographer, when I often meet with my clients for their consult call, if there is something they like that I do not have, I will work hard to find something that fits the style they are looking for. 

5. Pamper and Enjoy

You booked your professional maternity photographer, you had your consultation call, and now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the experience. Your professional photographer will ensure you have a wonderful experience from hair and makeup to focusing on you for the day. As your maternity photographer, I never want you to worry about a thing; the day will be seamless and smooth. I want you to relax and enjoy the day.  

a new mother captured wearing a gown that flows in the wind. she's embracing her belly as she looks down at it

Top 5 Reasons You Should Plan Your Philadephia Maternity Photography Session with a Professional Photographer. 


It’s easy sometimes to reach to a friend and ask them to capture some pictures for you, or to have your husband who loves to use his camera.  But your experience and this moment in your journey is only here this one time.  You should celebrate it with a professional photography session. Hope these 5 Reasons for Professional Maternity photography in Philadelphia. Have been helpful for you to decide why you should use a professional photographer.

Let’s capture your journey into motherhood with a professional material photography session. Contact me, Diana, at Diana Smyth Photography to learn more about how I can help create beautiful, timeless pieces of artwork you will treasure for years to come. 

black and white modern photography of expecting momModern maternity photography of mom in the shadow with a rim of light on her bellymodern black and white maternity photo of expecting mom

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