5 Questions to Ask your Newborn Photographer

As a Philadelphia newborn photographer I speak to so many mamas all the time full of questions. I gotta tell you, I LOVE IT! You should totally be asking me lots of questions, and don’t be shy! After all, I am handling your sweetest little bundle of joy. If you do not know what to ask, here are some questions to help you when choosing the photographer that is right for you and you have the best experience. Here are the top 5 Questions to ask your Newborn Photographer.


Newborn baby boy photoshoot

Question 1: What experience do you have as a Newborn Photographer?

I mean we all know someone with a camera that loves to take pictures right! You know my bestie has a camera and wants to become a photographer. But, when it comes to the care and handling a baby you want to make sure that it is with someone who has experience! This is so crucial as to to understanding how to correctly and safely pose your baby. For me – safety is the most important in my Philadephia Studio. Not only will an experienced photographer handle your baby safely, they will be able to achieve the images that you want.

Question 2: Do you have a studio?

There are so many photographers that work with newborns in the Philadelphia area. Some have studios and some travel and come to your home. Some photographers offer only lifestyle portraits and some offer both lifestyle and studio posed. Start with understanding the difference, and make sure you know what style you want. Talk to your newborn photographer to see how they work- they can always help you decide. I recently talked this through with one of my mamas. She was undecided on what style she wanted. After a conversation – I heard how important her home was and the little details in the baby’s room. So we decided to have the session in her home more lifestyle. Not everything will be the same for everyone, and that’s ok. At the end, these are you memories.

Baby and big sister photoshoot.

Question 3: How will you keep my baby safe?

Hello- this is a big one. I should have opened with it. You want to know and make sure that your baby is in good hands and safe. Posing a newborn baby requires knowledge and skill. I say all the time, it’s not just about that Pinterest fail shot. It’s about making sure your baby’s not overly heated, or the head is tilted the wrong way. Make sure your photographer will always have hands on the baby. Don’t be afraid or shy to ask. This is a real baby, not a play toy for your friend’s friend that just got a camera and she will take a few shots. Ask your photographer how they will keep your little one safe.

Certified newborn photographer in Philadelphia

Question 4: What training do you have Posing Babies

Days new babies are incredibly flexible due to the fact that their bones have not fused as much as an adults. With this in mind trained photographer can gently pose your baby following your baby cues. This does not mean that they can just get into any position. If your newborn photographer does not have experience working with newborns, make sure they have had training with how to safely pose your baby. At the very bare minimum have they taken a baby safety coarse? I have trained with Newborn Photographers such as Kelly Brown, and I am constantly training with Ana Brandt- training to me never ends. I have also taken accreditation and safety coarse with the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International . Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer.

Question 5: What is Included in my Session Price?

Before you decide on a photographer, know your budget. Keep in mind, the more experienced photographer who runs a business and is trained will be on the higher end of the price scale. Why? Because they are running a legit business, paying for insurance, taxes, rent, and all the cost associated with their business. The newer photographer will be on the lower end of the price scale (ask are they insured?). ¬†What are you looking for? For example, are you most interested in print? or Digitals? Look at all the services offered, most newborn photographers really want to serve you and provide you with an outstanding experience. As photographers we really want you to order prints because it’s a service you need that you actually do not know you need. You can read more about the importance of prints here.

Are you ready to welcome your little one to the world? Do you want to see your little one in some of those beautiful poses and create memories that will last your growing family a lifetime? As a Philadelphia studio photographer, I am ready to capture your growing family. You can ask me any and more questions that you love. I am always eager to chat with my mams. You can stop by my website at ,Diana Smyth Photography and fill out a form. I will get right back to you and we can start chatting about your portraits.

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