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5 Factors for Choosing Your Philadelphia Pediatrician

5 Factors for Choosing Your Philadelphia Pediatrician


new mom and dad holding their new baby boy. Baby is swaddled up in moms arms. Mom and dad are forehead to forehead.

Choosing the right pediatrician is always on every parent’s checklist, along with other things like finding the right birthing place. As easy as one might think this is, it’s actually one important task.  Certain things are considered must-haves for any doctor on your list, such as being certified, working or having privileges at the hospital of your choice, and having the office accept your insurance. Besides these, here are 5 Factors for Choosing Your Philadelphia Pediatrician

5 Factors for Choosing Your Philadelphia Pediatrician


baby boy looking up at his mom while smiling.1. Location! This is a first to consider, especially if you have a newborn. Newborns require many doctor trips for checkups. It is essential to keep the location and its convenience to your lifestyle. Can you walk to the office? Is it a long drive? Is the parking easy or free? 



baby girl in nude posed on the bean bag for her philadelphia studio photography session.2. Office Hours. Make sure the office has hours that will work for your family’s schedule. Keep in mind how your schedules will change once you or your partner or both of you go back to work. Do they have weekend hours? 

3. On-call hours? I have this conversation with many of my new moms in the studio. As a new mom, you have many questions and concerns as you navigate your first year. Consider having an on-call nurse always available. Many doctor’s offices have 24-hour nurse hours, which is so great when your baby is sick or wakes up with that late-night fever, and you need some peace of mind.  

big sister is touching baby brother's nose. The light is behind them casting a shadow. 4. Sick Visit. This is a MUST for my family! Does the office offer same-day sick visits?  

5. Same Ideas. Do you and your doctor follow the same beliefs from breastfeeding to vaccines? You and your doctor must feel the same on those big topics. The last thing you want to do is be six months in and find out you put heads on things, such as vaccines.  


5 Factors for Choosing Your Philadelphia Pediatrician


I know that your new mom checklist may seem like a frustrating, prolonged task. Finding the right pediatrician for your family is essential; let’s move it to the top. The good news is that living in the Philadelphia area, we are surrounded by many top doctors in the country. We are also lucky to have the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with the best doctors and practices. When you start looking for your baby’s pediatrician, remember these 5 Factors for Choosing Your Philadelphia Pediatrician

                 , mom holdig her new baby girl while dad is giving them both a big bear hug. they are looking so girl in a photoshoot wrapped up in green laying in an Eagles football bed. Philadelphia

I have also put together a quick checklist for new moms to consider. Stop by and take a short read. Don’t forget to add your maternity and newborn photography sessions. We should connect, and I can answer all your questions. Learn more at Diana Smyth Photography

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