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3 Popular Pediatric Dentists in Philadelphia 

3 Popular Pediatric Dentists in Philadelphia 

Whether you’re a new mom navigating the process of scheduling your baby’s first dental appointment or a seasoned mom with older kids in need of a dental check-up, finding a reliable pediatric dentist in Philadelphia can be a daunting task. After extensive research and conversations with numerous moms, I’ve compiled a list of the most popular pediatric dentists in the city. Here are 3 Popular Pediatric Dentists In Philadelphia to make your search a little easier. 

 Popular Pediatric Dentists  

a family photo session of a little one year girl smiling while sitting in a chair01. Cobblestone Kids: Located in the heart of Philadelphia, Cobblestone Kids has been servicing families for over ten years. Dr. George and his staff are excellent with kids. Cobblestone kids is definitely one of the top 3 popular paediatric Dentists in Philadelphia,  With such a convenient location, and a fun staff and atmosphere, your kids are going to love it here.  I admit that I take my kids to this practice, and they get excited to see Dr. George. While the entire staff has such a fun and caring approach, they still help educate your kids on dental health and best practices. Cobblestone Kids has a practice in Cherry Hill as well.

Little girl with green dress. She is laughing out loud as the sunset glistens through the trees behind her and on her hair.02.  Pediatric Dental Team: The second popular Paediatric Dentists in Philadelphia, located in the heart of South Philadelphia, Dr. Jacqueline Fillinger and her team have been providing the community with pediatric dental care and orthodontic care. Their secret is that they treat every patient on a personal level, like family. Because of this, many families love that their kids still enjoy going to the dentist after they have hit their teen years. This is always a great sign.  


Philadelphia, Pa Family photographer in Maple Acres Farm Plymouth Meeting

03. Philadelphia PIediatric dentistry: Nestled in the Franklin Town section of Philadelphia, Dr. Maria Cordero-Ricardo brings your kids a fun and joyful experience. Also, her goal is to have programs beyond brushing and flossing but to address the root causes of preventable diseases. Her office offers complete dental care from infant oral health to your teens.

3 Popular Pediatric Dentists in Philadelphia 


As a busy mom myself, I always found it hard to find the right doctors for my kids. These three popular pediatric dentists were recommended to me by other rooms in Philadephia. If I may suggest researching and finding the right doctor for your family’s needs and personality. Hopefully, these 3 popular pediatric dentists in Philadelphia help you step closer to finding the right dentist for your kids.  

I am a Philadelphia Family photographer, I specialise in Maternity and Newborn Photography.  I love working with children and always have. Want to learn about things to do with your kids this summer, you can read here.  Looking to capture your family moments, I would love to chat. visit my website: Diana Smyth Photography 

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