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3 Baby Music Classes in Philadelphia

3 Baby Music Classes in Philadelphia

Good music makes us feel better. If you have been to my Philadelphia photography stduio, you know I love music and can be found dancing; with your little ones or by myself. Music has the power to bring out all the emoitons in us. Music connects us a adults and can do the same for parents and thier children. In addition to introducing kids to the arts at a young age, studios have shown that early music education for children can enhance academic, physical, and social skills. Many of my lcients have always asked me where to find a music class, especially one where they have younger baby groups. Living in Philaddelphia, we are truly lucky to have so many wonderful music programs for children of all ages in Philadelphia. Here are 3 Baby music classes in Philadelphia.

3 Baby Music Classes in Philadelphia


Little boy celebrating his first birthday. He is straddled in the little bed getting ready to stand up. He is in the Philadelphia milestone photography studio. dancing to music1. Mr. John’s Music

With over 10 locations trhourhgout the Philadelphia area, Mr. john’s music offers programs for ages baby to 7 year olds. Even more fun, they have programs for adults as well. Thier music programs boost motor skills, and language develeopemnt. There is also a focus on building positive social-emotional skills for children of all ages. In each class children learn music, rhythm, movement self expression, taem work and empathy. All of this greatness in one place. Not to mention your young kids love the bond it builds with parents.

one year little girl, standing up on her own. staring back so she dances to music in Philadelphia2. Music Monkey Jungle

Music Lessons with Lori are equally educational, entertaining and fun. Her teaching methods cater to all learning styles, she meets her students where they are and loves beinga source of their musical motivation! Lori works with kids of all ages, and abilities.

six month baby boy grabbing his piggies. laying on a blue backdrop smiling at music 3. Music with Gina

Voted Best of Philadelphia 2023 by Philadelphia Family Magazine, Music with Gina has also been featured on 6ABC. I especially love Gina’s story, where she started her music classes from her living room. Gina loves how music creates love and brings people tougher and when she writes her songs for children she thinks pours those emotions into it.   So many of my clients enjoy attending these classes, and I hear about it in my studio constantly.  They say that they enjoy the connection that makes with them and thier kids. Her schedule travels around the Philadelphia area, so there is always a place close to you to join a class.

Lori 🙂

3 Baby Music Classes in Philadelphia

I can keep writing about all the amazing music classess in Philadelphia that I a share with you. As a Philadelphia baby photographer, these are the three I constantly hear from my clients. I know how overwhelming a search for music classes can be, here to help you in your journey, I have put tother these 3 Baby Music classes in Philadephia. Do you have a favorite music class I can add to my list? Send it to me I would love to drop in and explore it.

baby boy laying on a blue backdrop. He is smiling at the camera grabbing his toes.six month baby boy sitting on a wood floor.asian baby boy laying chin on hands on a white mood. There are stars behind him.little girl swaddled in pink in a small little newborn bed. There is a pink fabric under her with lots of pink flowers around holding her new baby girl her eyes are closed and she is forehead to forehead with her partner.

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